the girl with the cunt tattoo
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the girl with the cunt tattoo

Hi, in the first grade I shat my pants with such velocity that it leaked down the leg of my trousers and I pretended it wasn’t obvious to anyone. In the second grade I came to school on pajama day not brandishing my finest sleep suit but my regular school uniform, I was teased by small children all day in onsies with feet and buttflaps. The third grade went smoother than the others along with four and five, but six. In grade six I was in an awkward stage, I forgot my lunch everyday, I broke a lot of bones and I was at a new school. Seven, eight and nine were awkward years of middle school, my first boyfriend and forgetting more lunches, I made friends with a girl who threatened to kill herself like everyday if I didn’t go hang out or help her with her English homework. Grade ten was a great year, I got into my first real fight and I slammed a girls head into a cement wall and that is when I really learnt what it felt like to be a gangster. Eleven was lovely but I ripped my pants right up the seam of my butt one day and everyone saw my bum, I didn’t have a change and neither did my school chums so I proudly walked around for an hour until my mum came with a change not giving a fuck. That’s when I got popular, the teenagers would all say ‘that Holly girl, she walked around with her ass out and didn’t give a fuck. That’s also when boys noticed me, and I became a slut. Grade twelve was spent learning how to really fuck, and how to really fuck someone over, I was queen bee. After I graduated I took a year off and worked over nights at a walmart, I met a boy who worked there and knocked something off my bucket list at the same time. I’ve had sex in every department in walmart, my proudest claim to fame. I went to school for a year and realized that I hate the world, I also forgot my lunch a lot. Now I travel, perpetually forget what I had planned to do that day and remember always that I once shat my pants and walked around for a day like that.



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