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How Can V2 Cigs Save Your Life?
Each regular cigar contains much more than ever thought it did. Did you know that anytime you light one up, it produces over 4,000 substances? More than sixty of them are well-known as carcinogens, meaning substances that facilitate, aggravate or cause cancer. The V2 cigs are much more than just another product that you might like. It's a life-saver, sparing you of inhaling thousands of harmful substances several times a day.

A carcinogen affects the DNA or leads to abnormal cell vision that eventually causes DNA change. Some additives are destructive even when you use them individually. Used in combinations and burnt, they become extremely dangerous. You wouldn't let substances that you deeply inhale by smoking anywhere close to you. Arsenic is a lethal poison, which is sometimes used as rat poison. Benzene is causing cancer. It's usually used to make products such as pesticides or gasoline. Lead causes brain damage and nausea. Tar is used to pave roads. Cadmium is used to produce automotive batteries. Short-term exposure to Vinyl Chloride leads to dizziness, headaches and fatigue. Long-term one can lead to cancer and liver failure. Formaldehyde can cause leukemia, skin disorders and respiratory diseases. The favors that cigar contain aren't harmless either. Menthol for example simply numbs the throat. You don't feel how smoke affects its way to the lungs.

These are just a few of the countless ingredients found in any regular cigar. Do they seem safe? Are the consequences worth it? Why would you ever smoke a single cigar more when you know that it's literally slowly killing you?

It's tough to quit smoking. Whether you actually have a nicotine addiction or (far less likely), you're addicted to the social habit itself, you can't just forget about it all of the sudden. You don't even have to. Did you know that you can continue smoking without inhaling all of those dreadful substances?

Now you have electronic cigarettes such as the V2 cigs. They look the same and provide the same smoking experience making a similar water-based vapor but they lack all of those destructive chemicals. Instead, they feature a liquid containing a certain level of nicotine that you choose (2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2% and 0%) and a flavor basically made of propylene glycol or glycerin. You can see the complete list of ingredients on the V2 official webpage and convince yourself that the composition is totally harmless.

Don't waste another minute more. Look for these literally life-saving cigar-looking devices that will change your life. You'll also spend up to 75% less and regain your health. Don't inhale all those thousands of chemicals anymore and don't force your family to do so either. Exposing them to second hand smoke will cause them the same health problems. Switch to the best ecigarette today and get rid of those dangerous chemicals right now.
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