Ancient Writing and Newer Cars
Anything in common? No, just two things that are of note.
First is the translation (finally) of some of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Fascinating; paints Judas not as the betrayer of Jesus, but as his messenger.
CTV news story

The other is a non-recalled problem in many GM vehicles, so you should check this list if you have a GM.
Again on CTV

1995-1997 Buick Riviera
1995-1998/2000-2003 Buick LeSabre
1995-1998/2000-2003 Buick Park Avenue
1996-1998/2000-2003 Buick Regal
2000-2003 Buck Century
2002-2003 Buick Rendezvous
1996/1998-2001 Chevrolet Lumina
1998-2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
1997-2003 Chevrolet Venture
1999-2003 Chevrolet Malibu
2000-2003 Chevrolet Impala
1995-1998 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight
1995-1998 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight
1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue
1996-2003 Oldsmobile Silhouette
1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass
1999-2003 Oldsmobile Alero
1995-1998/2000-2003 Pontiac Bonneville
1997-1998/2000-2003 Pontiac Grand Prix
1996-1999 Pontiac Trans Sport
1999-2003 Pontiac Grand Am
1999-2003 Pontiac Montana
2001-2003 Pontiac Aztec

Just funny
Woman: Would you get married again if I died?
Man: Definitely not!
Woman: Why not -- don't you like being married?
Man: Of course I do.
Woman: Then why wouldn't you remarry?
Man: Okay, I'd get married again.
Woman: You would? (With a hurtful look on her face)
Man: (audible groan)
Woman: Would you sleep with her in our bed?
Man: Where else would we sleep?
Woman: Would you put away my pictures, and replace them with pictures of her?
Man: That would seem like the proper thing to do.
Woman: And would you let her use my golf clubs?
Man: She can't use them -- she's left-handed.
Woman: (silence)
Man: Sh*t.

Look up... here they come
If you pay attention while you're outside, you might just see a huge flock of birds flitting about in a seemingly insane manner. In fact, the flock is likely huge, almost looking like a collection of bats.

It's Cedar Waxwing mating time, and Edmonton's river valley is full of them. Take a look, they're great to watch in their frenzied spring flights.
More about them here:

Soon, Glacier National Park in the U.S. may have to choose a new name. Scientists estimate that the park may be glacier free by 2030. In 1997 a new project was started to compare early photographs of the parks glaciers to more recent data. View the results here.​lery/igviewer.php?imgid=626&gid=42&index=0

Archaelogy today!
We can only hope that officials in Cyprus don't lose this artifact, as they are so prone to do. Maybe they'll try to make up a date for it's age to suit whatever their current view of history is, but this is a nice find regardless.
And if you're wondering about what I mean about Cyprus.. well, they have a tendancy over there to deny that life existed on the islands at any time in the Paleolithic. There's even been a significant taurodont, found in the 1930s, go missing in the past 5 years, with some speculation of it being a coverup by the museum. At least this sarcophagus has a nice, easy fit in history.

Also, someone finally figured out that the Ancient Greeks were not all bland and white. If you thought the Parthenon always looked the way it did, well.. you're just wrong.
Just have to love it when "museum representatives used steel wool and chisels for the task" of cleaning ancient buildings and objects. Hmmm... and we wonder why half of what we believe to be true, isn't.

Oh, one more. If you've ever wanted a good idea of the layout and secrets of the Great Pyramids, you really should visit Rudolf Gantenbrink mapped the inner passageways with great detail some years ago. There is an unbelievable find of a 'door', or block seal, at the top of one of the Queen's Chamber shafts that you absolutely must see. We're lucky to see it, as the directors of archaeology in Egypt did their best to... well, minimize public knowledge. You can read about that in Rudolf's journal.

Night of Artists
I have to remember to attend this show next year, and anyone that hasn't been to it may want to do the same.

Good music, live art, gallery works, pretty women...
Ok, so I only go for the pretty women.

Ahhhh, science
For those Timos that actually follow my blog.... (you know who you are Timo )​tml​.html

There's a bit of discussion related to those in the Adult(30+) forum at​d=1875328

And a special thanks to Seasonsheart for finding those ones in the first place.

I find this to be one of the most powerful statements made in North American politics recently. Alberto Gonzales is the US Solicitor General, and he has been trying to sell President Bush's idea that spying on individual Americans can be justified by the fact that Bush is Commander-in-Chief of the forces. Our privacy is worth more than diamonds and gold, time to stand up for it.

Little Billy
Little Billy is sitting at the table playing airplane with his hand, while making suitable airplane noises. Billy lands the plane on the table, and loudly exclaims
"Anyone getting off the plane, get the hell off the plane. Anyone getting on the plane, get your ass on the plane".
Billy's mother is shocked. "Billy, we'll have no more of that!"
So, Billy's airplane climbs into the sky again, circles around a few times and comes to a landing on the table once more.
"Anyone getting off the plane, get the hell off the plane. Anyone getting on the plane, get your ass on the plane".
Well, Billy's mother has had enough. She takes Billy up to his room.
"Billy, you are going to sit here and you think about what you've just done."
So Billy does, and an hour later, Mom lets him come back downstairs to the kitchen. Billy promptly flys his airplane back across the kitchen, jumps up back into his chair, and brings the airplane to a screeching landing on the table. His mother glances over, and Billy pauses a moment, then barks
"This is your captain speaking. Anyone getting off the plane, kindly deplane now. Anyone getting on the plane, you may board now."
Billy's mom smiled.
"As for the one hour delay, you can thank that bitch over there!"