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Spotlight: ReVaulteR

ReVaulteR is a hard hitting modern rock band with melodies that can be described as nothing less than ear candy and will have listeners singing the choruses again and again.

All the members have experience as vocalists which has contributed to the music’s uplifting harmonies fused with dark moods and progressions.!e heavy edge and dark guitar chords complement the deep lyrical content and message of the songs. “Most of the songs were written from a very reflective place,” says Ricado Viana, “... where I've been and where I am going.”

The influences of the band range from GreenDay to STP but the common love of heavy guitars, loud drums and killer melodies is what brings ReVaulteR to life.

Ricardo Viana has been playing drums in rock bands since he was a boy living in Mexico. He relocated to Vancouver, BC in 2005 to follow his dream of being a musician. Ricardo is not only an accomplished drummer, he is also a song writer and guitarist.

Despite extensive collaboration in the Vancouver music scene with bands such as !e Rose Alarm,!e Fury and others, Viana has always wanted to start his own original project. In October 2009 , Viana met talented young singer Lee Nichols who was performing in a local cover band. Nichols had moved to Vancouver from Nova Scotia to pursue his dream of musical success. Viana was impressed with Nichols' vocal ability and stage presence, so he asked him to sing a few original songs he had written. Nichols was drawn to Viana's sound and direction and as a result, the core of ReVaulter was formed.

Recording began immediately with the help of a local record producer, Carmon Leeson (Morning Maker, Lift Off ). The demo recordings "Come out" and "IMU" were posted on Youtube with an excited anticipation of hearing feedback. !ere was an immediate positive response and a demand for downloads, live shows and more songs. Viana and Nichols decided they should form a band and record a full album, however they did not yet have enough material nor the financial resources.

Local bass player Tufty Venus (former bassist of !e Yam Yams) heard the buzz on Facebook and offered Viana his own song ideas that he believed would fit the Revaulter sound. Viana felt that Venus' style was a great match to his own. "Victory Day" and "Is Anybody There" were written and Venus agreed to play bass in the band.

With the first three members established, a great lead guitar player as well as a second guitar player, were needed. Viana called upon past bandmate, Jonathan Wu of the Fury and guitarist Sean Nisbet- Jones of Friends of 7. Upon hearing the demo recordings, both were eager to get started on the live show. With all members in place the new Vancouver hard rockband ReVaulteR was born.


Luminari - 26, Male, Moose Jaw
07:18am | Dec 12, '11
unrequited1 - 24, Female, Victoria
05:27pm | Dec 12, '11
But did you check them out?
IHEADBUTTKIDS - 21, Female, Edmonton
07:28am | Dec 12, '11
It's about time Nex got something different on the front page.
unrequited1 - 24, Female, Victoria
05:27pm | Dec 12, '11
Hell yeah
coel - 20, Male, Skagafjardarsysla
02:20pm | Dec 12, '11
unrequited1 - 24, Female, Victoria
05:24pm | Dec 12, '11
Bite me.
coel - 20, Male, Skagafjardarsysla
07:39pm | Dec 12, '11
you'd like that
05:30pm | Dec 12, '11
They sound like a male version of the Hex Girls from Scooby-Doo.
ReVaulteR - 20, Male, Vancouver
07:34pm | Dec 12, '11
Hell yeah, thanks!
08:16pm | Dec 12, '11
\m/ Aw yeah, rock on guys.
shaynne - 20, Female, Calgary
08:20pm | Dec 12, '11
wikkid - 26, Male, Spruce Grove
11:30pm | Dec 12, '11
Looks good!
MAGGIEMURDER, - 25, Female, Leduc
04:29am | Dec 13, '11
AWESOME! Loving this. Congrats guys!!!
CowgirlStar - 22, Female, Saskatchewan
05:08pm | Dec 13, '11
Sounds good!
wise922 - 30, Male, Vancouver
12:07pm | Dec 14, '11

Congrats !
TAMETHIS.. - 22, Male, Edmonton
09:38am | Dec 15, '11
Too good!!!!
fashionfight - 27, Male, Calgary
05:42am | Dec 17, '11
This is awful
Idiosyncrasy - 24, Male, Edmonton
07:31pm | Dec 17, '11
Agreed. This is fridge buzz.
I-Empire - 22, Male, Edmonton
07:59am | Dec 27, '11
RAINBOW;skittle - 19, Female, Edmonton
11:09pm | Dec 18, '11
Bah, don't mind the haters ^
They're full of shit anyways!!!
Good job guys!
I can't wait till you start selling merch :3
*Aja - 23, Female, Burnaby
09:40am | Dec 21, '11
this is awesome you guys are great!
Zomgz - 21, Male, Cannon Beach
10:27pm | Dec 30, '11
10:19am | Jan 02, '12
what the fuck
evildrummer - 28, Female, Vancouver
08:34am | Jan 22, '12
Oh hi people I know that I didn't know were in a band together...

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