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Look at any of the drugstore type of beauty products and examine the ingredient list. It_s not difficult to see a list of chemical ingredients, some that are potentially dangerous. Some of the chemicals may actually require safety equipment at the facility where the products are made to protect the workers.
Synthetic ingredients are used because they are less expensive than organic ingredients. Not more effective, but cheaper.
Instead of exposing yourself to toxins, why not use organic products that work with better results than the chemically based products.
Natural products contain nutrients that work gently, yet effectively, without any harmful side effects.
Choose a brand that clearly lists the ingredients on the label. Avoid products that try to hide by using words such as perfume, or any other generic sounding descriptions.
After using natural products, you will see that your skin will temporarily be clearing stored up toxins. After this period your skin will become healthier and your skin tone will improve incredibly.
When there are so many fantastic organic options available, why would anyone choose synthetics

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