Halloween is a single of the most artistic instances of the yr for the geeks of the earth. In college dormitories, comic conventions, and basements almost everywhere, geeks trade strategies and wonder who will be crowned Very best Costumed Geek this calendar year.

Geeks of little creativity may choose to gown as their favored outdated-school video game character, these as Mario, Backlink, or Pac-Male. The more discerning may well opt for a beast or creature from Dungeons and Dragons or Magic The Gathering. Even though these alternatives are not poor, gamer-geek costumes are seriously frowned-on by geek purists.

Geek purists may as a substitute select to depict a mathematical theme with pals, these kinds of as donning t-shirts with figures printed on them. When they line up in the proper purchase, they could be prime figures, pi, or Einstein's free iphone apps famous mass-electricity equivalence system.

Overly-inventive geeks may possibly make a decision to go all out and make complex costumes of different the gizmos, from iPods to Blackberries. Give a inventive geek a fridge box, a roll of duct tape, and some markers, and they will be coming into the room sideways as the most current hand-held unit. Outdated-college geeks might also employ this tactic, arriving as a Tandy2000 or antique Compaq.

No matter what a geek decides to use for Halloween, you can be confident he or she will not be vying for the vampire fangs or Elvira wigs. Geeks are faithful to their loves, individuals currently being engineering, video games, and mathematics. Of study course, there will usually been the geek at each and every get together who dressed up as a can of Mountain Dew, preferred drink of geeks everywhere!


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