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Circular Saws
Each and every good carpenter and DIY'er needs a strong, reliable circular saw in their tool collection. The amazing versatility of the circular saw allows it to do an amazing variety of duties, which makes it among the most widely used tools around most woodworking shops. The option to set the depth and angle of your cut opens up the door to all kinds of possibilities.

The first thing, you will need to determine, is what style of circular saw you're going to buy. You actually have only 2 possibilities to choose from: worm-drive saws and in-line saws. In-line saws are the most popular selection for the typical hobbyist or DIY'er. They feature plenty of flexibility in a small, lightweight and safe package. On the other hand, you have worm-drive circular saws, which are really best left to the professional carpenters. They've got the motor secured next to the blade, which directs a great deal more torque to the blade. This permits them to cut through hard elements like concrete and metal, however they are a great deal more dangerous as a consequence of all of the increased torque.

For normal hobby and DIY use, an in-line (or sidewinder) saw is a superb option. Though in-line saws have less power than a worm-drive saw, most in-line saws will have no problem doing nearly any job you can give it, short of huge industrial construction. Also, they are lighter, easier to use and safe. Make sure the circular saw you get provides an electronic brake. This feature will cause the flow of electricity to be reversed whenever you release the trigger, causing the blade to stop promptly. This is a critical and practical safety feature.

If transportability is critical to you, you'll want to consider a cordless circular saw. This will allow you to use it virtually anywhere, without needing a generator and bulky extension cords. You will discover some downsides to battery powered circular saws: they offer less torque, and that you're limited by the batteries runtime. You'll be able to purchase additional batteries to extend the run time, however you need to remember to make sure they are completely charged, which is often annoying.

Be sure to think of the kind of work you'll be performing before deciding on any type of power tool. This is especially true with circular saws. If you need to switch blades regularly, purchasing one with a quick-change system could save you plenty of time in the future. If you need deep cuts, you will need a saw with a blade depth high enough to meet your requirements. Also, you should definitely read some reviews of circular saws before you make your purchase to ensure you get the best circular saw possible.


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