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Introduction of Noopept
A new age of notropics? noopept is a nootropic peptide produced and prescribed in Russia. It is derived from the racetam family of compounds and has a familiar instrument of action but is alleged to be equal to 1000 times more stronger than piracetam – to be largely liked and most researched nootropic of our era
Part of the Ampakine sub-class, the Racetam group of nootropics work in part by binding to glutamate receptors. This augments the neurotransmitter glutamate and allows the more easy encoding of memory and hence notably boosts learning capacity. But the Racetam group have only feeble to modest AMPA modulation, and have numerous device of action. Noopept can lead to:
Increased imagination
Better mood
Reduced stress
Augmented levels of focus and motivation
Higher levels of verbal acuity (I particularly notice this)
Higher self-esteem (as everything seems easier)
The majority of professionals suggest a noopept dosage be taken sublingually, and it is my view that this information should be adhered to (I've experienced the {most positive


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