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Exercise Equipment That Is Totally Worth the Investment

To be honest, employees can get an awesome workout without having to leave the building. According to City of Sioux City human resources director Bridey Hayes, city employees have access to a full fitness center in the basement of City Hall. "Several of our employees take advantage of our fitness room," she said, "especially in the wintertime." Similar fitness rooms are located at the city's field service offices, police stations and several firehouses. Most of them contain equipment like ellipticals, stair climbers, stationary bikes, dumbbells, benches -- even adjustable weights. "We had the adjustable weights at field services but we were told those guys preferred dumbbells," Hayes said. "Our equipment gets passed around, depending on what's needed at a particular site." Though Hayes admitted she's doesn't use the gym, human resources administrative assistant Kirsten Winn does. "I like lifting weights," she said. "It's great having the weights available at work." As a way to encourage more employees to get healthy, the city periodically holds motivational contests where small prizes like workout gear, gift cards or DVDs are giving away to teams that lost the most weight.
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Another item that I witnessed within the first three months of my transformation is that my strength increased, actually increasing at a rate quicker than what I previously remember. In no time at all, about ninety days, I was doing dumbbell bench presses with 50 pounds in each hand, not bad when you consider that I had to start with ten pounds in each hand! I did this all through diet, exercise and proper supplementation, NO MEDICATIONS!!!! I feel amazing, as if I added 50 years to my life, I am very proud of my accomplishments and know that the best is yet to be! I plan on using my victory to help others suffering with disease, turn their dreams of health into reality!! My story can convince many that they can turn life around. I want that first step that I took sixteen weeks ago to be not only my first step but a giant step for others, a step over the gulf of disease!! Discipline is the key, once the mind is focused on the goal, you can move forward leaving obstacles lying crushed behind you as you continue on your path!! I am determined more than ever to keep going, I know I now have the discipline and I will live the rest of my life in RELENTLESS pursuit of excellent health!!
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The added stability of the vest helps you stay balanced and keep your arms free, reducing the risk of injury. Start with a light weight (four to five pounds) and gradually increase according to your goals. Find them at weightvest.com. Recommended brands: Power Blocks When it comes down to basics, you still cant beat dumbbells for resistance training. If youre brand new to weight training, start with one set of 3- or 5-pound weights and another set of 8- or 10-pound weights. For a bigger splurge, and a space-saving option, try Power Blocks, a set of adjustable dumbbells complete with its own stand. A set adjusts from three to 24 pounds in increments of three pounds and progresses as you get stronger. Go to PowerBlock.com. Recommended brand: Elite, Dynamax, Hammer Strength Great workout: Toss one of these weighted balls back and forth with a workout partner -- it requires you to engage your abdominals and core muscles. Theyre also useful for agility training, says Schneider. Choose smaller, lighter balls to exercise the arms or small muscle groups and heavier, larger balls for leg exercises such as squats with an overhead lift.
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Know More About Adjustable Dumbbells and Some of the Best Available

Save Hastings on Hudson, NY -- ( SBWIRE ) -- 02/18/2013 -- For the fitness freaks and bodybuilders, dumbbells are regarded as the most essential tool while exercising. Most of them workout at the gyms or have their own set of dumbbells at home. However, for some it is quite a hectic task to buy different sets of dumbbells and maintain them. One aspect is the costs which they need to incur and the other is keeping different sets of dumbbells to exercise. Eyeing this as a major inconvenience the market came up with a new solution of the adjustable dumbbells. Yes with these adjustable dumbbells people would no longer need to buy multiple set of dumbbells. The market has many such products and they come in different types. However knowing about the best or the one that solves the purpose of the user is also important. In case people do not have any idea about this product and wish to learn more about it, Best Adjustable Dumbbells Set - Compare Reviews provides the perfect platform to compare and know more about them. While at the gym people would have always seen range of 10lbs to 200lbs dumbbells, having them at home are virtually impossible for everybody. However, with the adjustable dumbbells available in the market this is quite possible and people would not require keeping ranges of dumbbells at their homes.
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