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Recycling of electronic products is still a new phenomenon in many countries, and compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore is "ahead in terms of the recycling rate per population", he said. The Finnish phonemaker has two drop-off collection points in the city-state, and also organizes http://scherberrolloffs.com/ public take-back collaboration programs with more than 10 local and international schools, Cheong added. Common recycling standard coming soon Going forward, the NEA spokesperson said the agency is working with the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore and Spring Singapore to create a standard for recycling ICT equipment that organizations can refer to. The common standard will also promote the adoption of best practices by the ICT equipment recycling industry, she added. The joint collaboration began in 2010, and the proposed guidelines are in the final stages of development and expected to be released by the middle of this year, http://www.amesd.org/ she said. Asked which areas of e-waste will be of focus, NEA said the standard will have guidelines on best practices for managing ICT equipment waste and recycling, and items within the scope include PCs and associated displays, mobile devices and phones, printers, peripherals, and other accessories.

Montgomery Trash Removal Workers End Strike

We expected more given the support shown by the Montgomery County Council . As a result, we will be pursuing a legislative solution to get these workers coverage they can afford." Potomac Disposal did meet several of the workers' top demands, including wage increases, additional sick and vacation days, and a paid holiday. The workers will also be covered by dispute resolution and grievance procedures, which will give the workers resources and procedures to resolve future problems. Potomac Disposal workers will return to work on Wednesday October 30 . Unity Disposal and Recycling Workers will also return to work Wednesday.

E-waste disposal unit may get Maharashtra nod

There is an urgent need to set up this facility as e-waste generated by the city is piling up faster due to electronic devices getting obsolete sooner following rapid changes in technology. About four hectares of land has been identified in Bhiwandi, in Thane district, for the e-waste disposal project. MMRDA Commissioner U.P.S. Madan told Business Line that the earlier venture for setting up the facility was based on incorrect financial assessment.



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