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http://WorkWithDarrenTaylor.com This is the Factual STORY regarding 2 songwriters who met for a songwriting appointment in Nashville, Tennessee...otherwise recognized as Music Row. One of the writers was thinking about canceling the songwriting session because he had been to the Doctors office the previous day and tested for Cancer. The Doctor did his tests and was thinking that the cancer may have even spread into the lymph nodes which is quite often a death sentence because once within the lymph nodes it spreads like wildfire.

Upon each songwriter greeting one another for the 11am writing appointment. It had been visibly noticeable that one of the writers wasn't doing to good as he told the other that he was waiting on a call from the Physician to let him know if indeed the diagnosis was cancer...and secondly if it had spread into the lymph nodes.

Knowing how traumatic and overwhelming it must have been due to awaiting a call that would mean life or death. The selection would be to stay and write the song. After hearing from the scared to death songwriter that he felt in his soul that he needed to create a song during this life hanging in the balance moment.

The other songwriter told him that he's glad that he made that decision because a song came to him in a dream during the night that was all about never quiting no matter what. And as the guitars began to play and the words began to be sung. The following song and lyrics were born. Perhaps to inspire those hearing this song and reading these words that no matter what.....It ain't ever over at halftime.

The lyrics are on the screen as you listen to this life giving song that had been inspired by death knocking on the door. The Song is called, "Halftime"

P.S. If you are inspired by this song then pay it forward and share it with everyone you know.
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