Besides a career, the two also share a history of calling Chicago home. The duo were photographed on February first, and Complex ran with their collaboration, but until now it hadnt been confirmed by Kanye West or Chief Keef. Peeda Pan who is Keefs manager, let the cat out of the bag with a short interview for XXL, and confirmed that not only will there be a collaboration between Kanye and Chief, but theres numerous collaborations in the works. Kanye will definitely be on Keefs album on Bang 3..Ill just put it to you like this: They have several new songs. Theyll be collaborating and theyll be released this year. This isnt the first time Yeezy fans have heard Chief Keefs name associated to the Chi-town rapper. Speaking in 2012 of his thoughts on Kanye West after West remixed Keefs I Dont Like. He did reach out to me by doing a browse song. I know he wouldnt do that to anybody. He really dont give a fk. I do feel like he reached out to me by getting on the song.



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