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Some of the most popular travel destinations in the world are its most beautiful gardens. Many return home inspired to design a beautiful garden for their home. Getting started is often the hard part. Here’s the first step: Take a Walk It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the prospect of designing a garden. But beautiful garden design ideas can be had just by taking a walk! Not only will you see spectacular gardens you may have barely noticed before, but you’ll know without a doubt that the plants you see there will grow in your area. Notice not only the plants, but the shape of the gardens you like. What makes them stand out to you? Are they raised? Do they surround a larger feature like a tree or bird bath? Rustic home gardens come in all shapes and sizes. Seeing what you neighbors have done with their spaces will give you ideas of your own. Then you must consider: What Do You Want? Look around your neighborhood, your town, and nearby towns and cities. The real question is, what do you want? What types of plants and flowers make you happy? Are scents important? Would you like to attract butterflies and hummingbirds, while keeping deer or rabbits away? Do you have a particular color palette in mind? And of course, what are your limitations? Is your garden space in a sunny or shady location? Would you like multiple levels? Will you need to provide access in the form of paving or decorative bricks to walk within the garden when it’s wet? And of course, what are your climate limitations? Once you’ve got some of these questions answered, it’s a matter of slotting together the plants you love most within the garden space you have. A beautiful garden design will result every time. Garden Designs One great resource for home gardeners is The Pictures Directory, which shows hundreds of different designs created by professional garden designers. You can also get some free garden plans here. Be sure and check out their container garden solutions for those with limited or even no garden space! There are tricks you can use to make your garden appear larger than it is, too. The All-Important Budget It’s so easy to get carried away, but remember, it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful garden design. Annuals are a yearly expense, but perennials come back every year, usually bigger! Sometimes friends and neighbors need to split their perennials, and you could be the lucky recipient of a new plant for your garden.  Remembering to take everyday tasks into consideration is important. For instance, where is your water source? You’ll need hoses, or perhaps even an underground watering system. Tools for weeding, pruning and collecting should also be in your budget. Use the Internet If you’re still in need of inspiration, go to the Internet! It’s full of gorgeous plants to buy and gardens to emulate. When in need of inspiration, try a couple of these visual delights to inspire your own creativity:​prop=image&fr=robo&va=beautiful+gardens​utm_source=adcenter&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=Garden&utm_campaign=Pictures Surely you’ll find plenty of ideas with some thoughtful searches!Nisha has been writing for many years now and enjoys writing about home design and DIY. She uses sites like and other similar resources for inspiration.The post Beautiful Garden Designs appeared first on Its Your Move.
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