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There are some people who really hate the idea of creating an online business that offers a service instead of a product. Maybe it's because they think IM should be about getting something for nothing. But if you are looking for a way to earn money online, then consider being a service provider. There are plenty of benefits that go beyond the making of money. Meeting people from everywhere on earth is just one of them. You'll have the opportunity to build a great network of business associates--one that can take you anywhere.

Long before the Internet became popular, the only option was offline marketing. It wasn't called "offline" back then, though, it was called "direct" or "response" marketing and advertising. You should borrow from those techniques and create a multi-faceted campaign that incorporates everything from your sales or squeeze page to Facebook to making videos. You drive people to your FB page where you have some content plus some videos. Why not try to create a separate feeder site that is, at heart, a video centric website. Then you can send them through that to your primary website or to your squeeze page. Try to make more of an effort with your lead generation effort. Make a real effort to use your lead generation giveaways to help you build your list. There are not very many video consultants for Internet based business. If you really want to kill it, add this to your other services--there are lots of things that can be complimented by video. Everybody learns sooner or later, because it isn't that hard, what all there is out there concerning videos. You need to learn how to make them, market them, use effects correctly. It's also very important to take the time to track down the markets that will offer the best response to your video marketing. This could become a fully fledged service business in which you obviously start small but them build it into something that is more serious.

Another approach for you as a service provider for marketing your business draws from traditional internet marketing. You'll want to use content that you already have or that you are going to create and then work hard to have syndicated on other established websites. This isn't the same as guest blogging or writing. With this method you will submit your articles to the best article directories.

If you are composing an article for syndication, for one thing, you are going to try to hit somewhere around a thousand words. You want to attract the very best webmasters, so your content needs to be top notch in all aspects.

Maybe you've read something about using other people's money (OPM) for business purposes. This is a principle that has withstood the test of time and has been responsible for generating quite a few incredible fortunes. We've discussed some things here that feel quite similar because they all talk about the best way to use the concept of leverage. Hopefully you now have a really good idea of how best to understand and use leverage in a way that will make a difference for you.

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