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If you operate a small business then I'm sure that you're always trying to think about ways that you can get new clients and sell more to the ones that you already have.

In past times this could mean things like Yellow pages ads, T.V ads, newspaper ads, flyers and so forth.

But over the last decade the explosion of the Internet has launched a range of innovative advertising avenues, one of which is Facebook.

Facebook in fact provides more than just one way to advertise your small business making it a tremendously powerful platform, especially when you take into account the total number of users this website now has.

So how does one get started.

Well there's two types of promotional methods available - free and paid.

A lot like the advertising system offered by Google, Facebook has their own ad serving network which will allow businesses to run advertisements in the Facebook website that send people to your business site.

Exactly where this differs from Google Adwords is through the targeting capabilities. Since Facebook collects so much information about its members, it's then able to offer its advertisers a number of pretty powerful targeting resources to help you really choose a part of the member list who you believe focuses on your likely future consumers.

You would start by narrowing the targeting down to your town or city and then determining who you would like to market to by age, sex and also interests.

If you want to go with the zero cost technique for promoting with Facebook, the starting point will be to create a facebook page for your company.

This enables you to develop your own small network inside of Facebook which you can use to keep clients and also prospective buyers up-to-date about anything that's going on within your small business.

This is often less concerned with selling and more about growing relationships and loyalty.

If you actually want to get the most from Facebook you should combine the these two methods.

You'd not just build a Facebook page for the business, and try out some ads directing people to your site, you should test using ads to send visitors to your Facebook page.

This strategy generally leads to less costly ad costs helping you increase your following noticeably faster.

If you have not yet advertised with Facebook, there's no better point in time than now.

Start by putting together a Facebook page for the business. If you'd like to make your page shine you might hire someone for a reasonably modest amount to customise your page.

When this is done start trying a few Facebook ads and see if you can see some profit out of it. This can take a bit of work but as you get better your expenses will decrease and you ought to be able to get some very targeted visitors fairly cheaply.

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