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exercising with pilates
A breathing technique has for a long time been a important principle of the Yoga art.

Why? Because respiring has for a long time been a core principle of the Pilates implementation. The use of breath and the importance imbued on the breath practice, is an important dynamic of the system for various purposes. It will:

steady the brain and core
Guide concentration and lucidity
aid in contextual muscle action (specifically the [pectorals)
directly aid in stomach muscle tension (especially the gluts)
promote or stress balance
Release axniety
develop a tempo in the torso for movement
aid efficiency of kinetics

In Pilates, respiration can be utilised to provide help to a kinetic direction or to provide challenge. Recall that some groups of muscles are called upon during the respiration sequence to help in breathing. Whilst dictating a respiration pattern for any exercise, all the facts should be taken in to consideration to maximise correct muscle systems.

pilate exercises respiration is derived from ‘sensible breathing'. This form of breathing promotes maximising the sequence of the external sites during the breathing in phase of the breath sequence, aided by the latissimus dorsi (Lats). concurrently, the action of the diaphragm is reduced. This is sometimes also known as ‘spirtual breathing'

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