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Numerous search marketing experts are under the impression that the Citations must include a clickable hyperlink back to your website. This is not accurate . All of the search engines including Search engines , Yahoo! and Bing realize that many businesses don't have a websites which would be unfair to discipline them for that reason.

Accuracy as well as Consistency

Citations are the way the search engines know that your business really exists where you say it is available. Therefore, you can imagine how essential it is to insure that the business name, address and phone number are consistent across the Web.

Check Out Your competitors

The best way to find powerful company citation websites is to do some competitive research. Find the organization in the top position on the internet Maps and Bing Roadmaps for your local search term and find out what websites are stating them. Bing will show a lot more citations.

Shifting Target

It's important to understand that the web is dynamic but not immediate . Google, Yahoo! and Msn don't see local business citations the instant they are listed on another website. It sometimes can take months for the search engines like google to discover a citation before providing you with credit for it.

On the other hand, if your citation is removed from a blog or website , the search engines will continue to give you credit score for it until their bots or crawlers discover that your own local citations has been removed.


There are many other ways to acquire citations for your business, but this you can get started in the right direction. In the event you only acquire one citation per day for the next month, you will be many years ahead of your competition in no time.


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