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The possession of the drugs can be either actual or constructive. A drug trafficking conviction does not necessarily demand a showing that you are a drug dealer, or that you simply even had the intention to distribute the drugs to another individual.
Instead, the district attorney must essentially demonstrate only that you understood the unlawful nature of the controlled substance that you had. Important defenses can be brought up in these instances including contesting the criminal nature of the search or defenses linked to your lack of knowledge concerning the claimed possession. Call the Strom Law Firm, LLC Drug Trafficking Lawyers Today to set up a free appointment.

Do Not Hang on Until Its too Late, Contact a South Carolina Drug Trafficking Attorney at 803.252.4800

South Carolina has some of the most stringent drug trafficking penalties in the nation. This is why you will need a SC Drug Trafficking Attorney in your favor the instant you know you’re being arrested. In the event that your circumstance consists of an aggravating factor such as a past drug conviction, involvement in a conspiracy, or possession of a weapon, you could be facing an even longer prison sentence. Soon after an arrest for any illegal drug trafficking circumstance, make contact with a drug trafficking criminal defense attorney at the Strom Law Firm to talk about methods to strongly fight your charges.

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If you've been charged with federal drug conspiracy or are experiencing felony drug charges, it is very important defend your legal rights by obtaining a drug trafficking lawyer. You always have the right to an attorney and the right to remain silent. If you are charged, be polite and patient with police officers, other than your name respond to no other questions but request your lawyer. It is then that you or your household should contact a drug trafficking lawyer at the Strom Law Firm, LLC.

You can be sure that the prosecution will try everything to make a decent case against you, such as the participation of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and in many cases the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Do not give them the information and evidence they will need by giving an answer to their questions. Even if you're not guilty, avoid saying anything without initially talking with your SC drug trafficking lawyer.

At the Strom Law Firm we have been ready to strongly challenge the criminal prosecution and provide uncompromising drug trafficking defense. Call us today to protect your track record, your privileges and your independence. Created in 1996 by former U.S. Attorney and past president of the South Carolina Trial Lawyers Association, Pete Strom, our practice has expanded from its original focus on representing individuals and businesses in South Carolina to a firm that now represents clients in complex civil and criminal cases throughout the Southeastern U.S.and across the country.

The information and facts you receive at this web page is not, nor is it designed to be, legal advice. You must seek advice from an attorney forassistance concerning your individual case. Thispost is not designed to and doesn't create an attorney-client relationship.

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