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Movies are not only for entertainment but also educative, illustrative. In olden days one have to go nearby city to see a movie, but with the development of Micro chip technology now we are able to see many movies online. The first and foremost thing of watching online movie is comfort, relaxation and time. We can watch in our house when we have leisure time and especially it will give immense pleasure watching fun, cartoon movies with our children. Even on get together with relatives, friends, after a certain time of chit chat we can switch on our desktop or laptop and search for a latest movie and enjoy by viewing the same. movies online viewing save money as we have to book tickets in advance. Transport cost for family and other expenses like interval snacks and so on will be reduced in spite of all we feel tired. Elderly persons will enjoy seeing old classics by downloading the movies, along with their enjoyment younger generation can know the then culture, dressing and melodious music.

If we see in broad spectrum of online movies really it’s a paradise for the persons living in other countries, other states as they can watch the same we are seeing here in our native place. It’s also advantageous to observe the rich heritage, culture of other countries around the globe though we don’t know the language. Online movies are not only entertainment path, it is technology paradise. Animated pictures give lot of joy to our kids with relaxed brains. They will improve their skills in academic as well as other competitive exams.



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