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Windows has much more to offer than the average user can even imagine. If you want to make your work easier, you can find numerous methods to do so. Many people only learn the basic commands and functions and never fully appreciate everything their operating system can do. Our focus in this report is to enlighten you about other exciting features of Windows.

The default Theme set that comes in Windows 7 is one that is based on where you are living.

However, you don't have to stick with these if you'd like to change them to something more exotic. You can find them by typing 'globalization' in the search box after clicking on your C drive. When the globalization file returns, click on it and then type 'MCT' in the search box. This will return the list of geographic Theme packs. These folders will have all the geographic themes, as well as wallpapers, for different areas such as the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and the US. Even though these files are hidden, when you know where to look you can easily change the look of your desktop from Themes already installed on your PC.

If you are looking for information on the internet, you most likely open your browser and use one of the search engines to do a search. You'll probably love the convenient Windows 7 feature that lets you conduct searches from your desktop without the need of opening your browser. You have to use what are called search connectors, which enable you to search various sites, such as YouTube, from your desktop. This is really convenient if you just want to do a quick search on a particular site but don't want to bother visit our website opening your browser. If you are interested in finding a site that doesn't have search connectors you can download, you can create your own search connectors by following the instructions on sites created just for that purpose.

Most folks with computers soon discover that their desktop becomes overloaded with files, and is more cluttered than their real desk. When you want a particular file or program, and you look at the mess your desktop has become, you can't easily find anything. Do you run several programs at the same time? This can create a bewildering situation.

Use Windows 7's Shake feature and you will instantly know where you left off. All you have to do is shake the Title Bar back and forth after you click on it. what will this accomplish? It will cause the other open windows to minimize in the Task Bar. Pressing the Windows and Home keys at the same time will also do the same thing. This is a good shortcut to use so you won't be distracted by other open windows, even if it does seem somewhat silly.

Once you start searching for, and using, shortcuts to many Windows commands, you'll discover more than you can imagine. Well, you most definitely shouldn't waste your time studying all sorts of shortcuts you'll never need. Simply concentrate on the ones that webpage will help you with your daily work. Do some research on the internet and you will find a lot more tips and shortcuts for using the Windows Operating System. We've just given you a taste of what's available.


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