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Martin Gibbons
Martin Gibbons may be the founding father of and launched the site back in 2001. It had been the very first professional personality test designed just for the Internet.

During the last ten years over 1.4 million individuals have used PeopleMaps. In this interview we will discover who Martin Gibbons really is and just what motivates him.

Q : When did you first become interested in psychology?

Martin : From an earlier age I was interested in people. I was raised in the hotel industry and lived within the hotels my parents managed for that first few years of my entire life. You get to communicate with a lot of people in hotels.

Q : Can you describe yourself as a “people person�

Martin : In the main “yesâ€. I generally get on with most people. They are saying that a measure of mental health may be the breadth and diversity of individuals you will get together with. I believe mine has expanded over the years as I have started to understand much more about them.

Q : What have you study?

Martin : Well sensibly I never studies psychology. The core psychology at PeopleMaps is supplied by Anne Ellis. I have studied under Anne for more than ten years focusing exclusively on Jungian psychology. I started of studying electronics after which applied physics and instrumentation. My degree is within applied physics. I additionally studied Marketing.

Q : So is technology your thing?

Martin : I would have to say I am more informed about Jungian psychology than I am about technology. Internet technology interests me however i have a good team of technology specialists dealing with me. I probably talk to them a lot more than anyone as I am always coming up with new ideas for the PeopleMaps personality tool

Q : What is your motivation?

Martin : That’s an excellent question. At my core it’s about freedom. I've been a bit of a “rebel without a clueâ€. Now i'm starting to understand what lies behind might it’s freedom. For this reason we have never done anything conventionally at PeopleMaps. We are always pioneering. We are always seeking to shake things up and alter things.

I am also bit on accessibility. PeopleMaps is very accessible so increasing numbers of people can understand self and others. I believe that we could make the world a little better when we know very well what causes us to be tick. The peopleMaps tagline is “improving the planet around us by understanding the individuals it.†If a person really wants to understand, then I want help, this is why we give so many personality reports away free of charge.

Q : What’s your favourite move to make?

Martin : Have coffee with Julie, my wife. We talk about all sorts of things and she or he inspires me every time. I also love simply throwing everything into the car and heading to the continent for any two or three months journey house swapping. It comes with an incredible feeling of freedom for the reason that.

Q : Have you finally found your thing?

Martin : Good question. Jung believed that we keep working towards realising our potential right up till we die. I figure I have a long way to go. Many things interest me and that i often act on what intrigues me. I love language and I’m always trying to improve my French or learn Spanish. I recently were built with a notion for Gaelic. And as regards technology, it’s endless. I've found most Internet technology intriguing. The Internet keeps evolving and psychology just get more interesting. I doubt I'll run out of things to enter into.

Q : What’s next for Martin Gibbons?

Martin : Well I am about finished my first full size book. I write lots of training courses but the book would be a bigger challenge as I possess a short attention span. It is a business novel, explaining the psychology of personality and how to put it on but using a story to have it across. The planet doesn’t need another boring academic book.

PeopleMaps can also be launching an authorized Practitioner Program where we will teach everything we all know about personality psychology and how to apply it in business or in a coaching scenario. Personality affects everything so we are excited to assist more people by training some trainers. It assists to some people enter into coaching.


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