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According to a DigiTimes report, global notebook shipments in Q1 2014 may experience a 10%-20% drop due to weather hazards in the US and labor shortages in China. Apparently, due to extreme weather conditions affecting states such as Montana, Illinois, and Indiana, notebook vendors have had a hard time depleting their inventories. For example, Quanta Computer shipped 12.1 million notebooks in Q4 of 2013, with most orders coming from HP and Apple, but the company expects notebook shipments in the first part of the year to drop 10%-20%. Furthermore, the global notebook market is expected to continue to decline throughout 2014 as well. FILED UNDER:

Ten-Point Stance: Mike Freeman's NFL Notebook Heading into the Super Bowl

Its like I have to become a warrior. We all do. Then he would smile and shake his head and say, And then, five minutes after the game ends, yall are asking us questions about how we feel and what did we think of this play, and whats it like to lose, and were supposed to talk like none of phone dan tablet murah that just happened. 3. Wes Welker benefit of the doubt Bill Belichick ripped Wes Welker as dirty, and the overall reaction is that Welker is receiving the benefit of the doubt.

NFL Notebook: Detroit Lions won't ditch 'wide-nine' D

So thats really what I focused on more than anything. It wasnt in spite of anybody else. Every moment that I spent in Boston was great. Every one of those moments has propelled me to this new situation. We knew that we werent going to be there forever, and we didnt start our careers there, so its great to look back and talk about the great things we did there. Hey, Anthony! This was much more than a basketball stop for Joel Anthony.

Notebook: Avery Bradley limps off; Blue on way

Updated: Jan. 22, 2014 at 11:27 a.m. Friend(s) Email New Lions coach Jim Caldwell has promised to get his hands dirty in an effort to "escalate" the play of quarterback Matthew Stafford , but Detroit's defense is sticking to its roots . 'ATL Podcast' The Around The League team hits all the NFL's hottest topics in its award-winning podcast. Join the conversation.



12 and the pajamas were delivered on Dec. 16. "The students were very excited by the idea and worked very hard," said Calvi. "They really just liked helping others and got a kick out of being able to provide 67 pairs of pajamas to kids who needed them." According to Scholastic, Scholastic Reading Club classrooms have collected roughly 250,000 pairs of pajamas for the bikini dan lingeri cantik Pajama Program through the Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive since 2009. During this time, Scholastic has more than matched the pajama donations by donating about 600,000 books to the Pajama Program. The Pajama Program is a nonprofit organization that provides new books and new pajamas to children in need, many of whom are waiting and hoping to be adopted.

Check Out the Vocaloid Pajama Party with Nendoroid Pajamas

There are even some guest stars in the mix. The only thing this pajama party is missing is a pillow fight!

Kim Kardashian Wears Fancy Silver Pajamas In Paris

But, when in Paris, you might as well make the most of it! The reality starlet sat front row at the Stephane Rolland Couture presentation today, wearing what looked like very fancy satin pajamas, but it was actually a silver jumpsuit. It's so J.Lo!

Dress code calls for pajamas

That time you spend reading with your child is so special, said First Credit Union marketing and communications specialist Tara Chernoff. Our lives can get so busy that its easy to miss that one-on-one connection. Taking 10 or 15 minutes to read before bed with my boys has always been one of the best parts of my day. Family Literacy Day is open to all families, and features activities for children zero to eight years old including meeting cuddly friends, creating one-of-a-kind art, singing songs and, of course, listening to storiesincluding one read by a very special guest. At 4:30 pm City of Powell River Mayor Dave Formosa will be at the event to show his support for literacy initiatives in the community by reading a story to local families, while wearing his favourite pajamas.



Of course, the clothing is only a portion of what makes an outfit pop; the right pair of shoes, bag, or jewels is what takes these enviable looks to the next level. With that in mind, we're zooming in on the best accessories London Fashion Week has to offer click on to see them all. Start

Steal That Style: Diaper Bags to the Stars

For the past five years U.S. airlines were the biggest checked-bag fee proponents, along with European low cost carriers such as Ryanair and easyJet. Major European and Asian airlines could sniff that they wouldnt go there. But, in 2013 Air France , KLM and British Airways introduced various bag fees within Europe, and India last month cleared the way for their introduction, as well. Indian airlines such as Air India and Jet Airways , though, will be barred from charging dynamic fees, meaning that will have to be up-front about their fixed fees.

Practicality meets style in durable second hand bags produced by a fair trade co

Even first-time mama Jessica Alba is rarely seen without her Storksak Dori bag these days! CBB Deal: Get 10% offyour purchaseat BlissLiving.com with code CBBSUMMER09 (Expires 9/30/09). Jessica Messenger Bag Not Pinching Pennies: From jual tas model terbaru michael kors Sheryl Crow to Carnie Wilson, there is certainly a celebrity buzz over Bumble Bags!

Europe and India introduce U.S.-style bag fees

According to The Free Dictionary ,burlap is a strong, coarsely woven cloth made from fibers of jute, flax or hemp used to make bags reinforce linoleum, and in interior decoration. These eco friendly designs are more perfect because they are built strong and built to last. One thing about burlap is that is has an distinctive smell, differ from hemp and leather and immediately makes you apart of the open market, of the daily hustle and bustle, survivors thriving in the neighborhoods of a developing country. Burlap bags are a Super Earth Goods product which make these purses stand out from all other animal cruelty competition. Established in 2010, Super Earth Goods is a line styled and crafted in Paradise.



102 at www.freeproductinfo.net/se. Weather 2020 App Provides Event Weather Forecast Weather 2020 is a newly launched mobile app capable of providing weather forecasts up to 12 weeks into the future, the developers say. The app's unique Weather Balloon feature allows users to set emails and push notifications to a specific date to alert them of changes in the forecast. For more information, check the box for Reader Service Card No. 103 at www.freeproductinfo.net/se. Note: Act fast--information on these products is available online only through Jan.

Keep your wooden furniture shiny

In a release, she said plastic and paper flags tend to be discarded after the function; this amounts to disrespecting the tricolour. Only flags made of cloth should be used, she said. The district administration batik pria murah will celebrate Republic Day at the Oval Grounds at 9 a.m. and all government employees have been directed to attend.

SEPTA: No More Cloth Seats on the El

Cleaning your varnished wood furniture from time to time helps restore its appearance and sheen. Here's how you can do it: - Protect the wood from water and other liquids, such as alcohol, food or cosmetics. Don't allow water or other liquids to settle on a wood surface as it leaves behind a stain .

Use flags made of cloth: DC

comment on this post PlanPhilly reports : SEPTAs Market Frankford Line (MFL) cars are on their way to getting an interior facelift. Over the next five years, SEPTA will replace the blue, fabric seat upholstery with blue, fiberglass seat panels. The overhead lighting currently a fluorescent light that shines through yellowed panels will be replaced with bright, white, energy-efficient LED bulbs. Now you might think cloth is more comfy to sit on than fiberglass.

Think Cloth, Think Clean

I had been concerned about the growing waste in India and lack of disposal mechanisms for sanitary waste. I myself began using cloth pads not long after I arrived in India as I couldnt bear to just toss aside so much waste every month. I was surprised by how comfortable and easy cloth pads were to use. This motivated me to start making them for women, she recalls.

Is Ghana?s trade liberalization policy leading us towards an economic cliff?

He adds that should introduce a level of transparency. The question is since when did cabinet deliberations become transparent to the public? The increase in Value Added Tax (VAT) will finally drive nails into the coffin of hope of encouraging manufacturing in Ghana. It will drive up the cost of goods leading to further increase in the rate of inflation and hindering the economy from creating jobs. We hope that the government will rather consider strengthening the economic team and come out with policies (our own policies and not ones dictated by the IMF/World Bank) around the following to reverse the trend. 1.



"We need to deal with reality here... mutual consent, which is what has brought us here, for a transitional government means that government cannot be formed by someone that is objected to by one side or not," Kerry said in an opening statement. "That means that Bashar al-Assad will not be part of that transitional government. There is no way, not possible in the imagination, that the man who has led the brutal response to his own people could regain legitimacy to govern." He was speaking as long-anticipated peace talks, bringing together the Syrian regime and the opposition cara bergabung toko online for the first time, opened in the Swiss lakeside city of Montreux.

Paul Robins joins us in February for a night with Did Sid?

Peltz last summer said PepsiCo was at a "strategic crossroads" due to changing consumer tastes and the rising importance of emerging markets, and outlined two scenarios for improving results. Plan A was to merge PepsiCo with Mondelez to create a larger company with one of the most valuable brand portfolios in the world. Plan B called for Pepsi to split its snacks and beverages businesses - which would allow each to focus on operational improvements. "Given that Pepsi's not interested in Plan A, we are encouraging them to pursue Plan B," Anne Tarbell, a spokeswoman for Peltz's Trian Fund Management, told Reuters. Peltz, 71, also has pushed Mondelez - whose performance has fallen short of investor expectations since it was split from Kraft in October 2012 - to manage its costs better, saying it could double earnings per share by doing so.

The Gamer?s Pub Is Now Open, Come Join Us For A Beer

And you have to love Sid's family. I hope you are all having fun reading this slice of Sacramento mystery, reliving the 80's in a literary sense. I really look forward to hearing how Paul came to write this book, and find out if he has a plan for Sid in the future. Please join us in our Community Room on Tuesday, February 11th at 6:30 and find out. Leave a Comment Paul Robins is a man of many hats. Most mornings he can be seen on FOX40 as the news anchor. He has also been in radio, won several Emmys and is a graduate of Sac State. Now, can also say is an author, with the publication of his new mystery Did Sid?. We are very happy that Paul will be joining us as the featured author for our February CapRadio Reads Author Event. The event, to be held in our Community Room on February 11th at 6:30pm will be a fun evening, with Paul in conversation with our President and General Manager, Rick Eytcheson.

Assad will not join Syria's transitional leaders: Kerry

For those of you new to the pub, you can follow us on Twitter , like us on Facebook , subscribe to us on iTunes , or even stream us directly to your smart phone using Stitcher . You also have the ability to hit us up, anytime you want by shooting us an email at beer@thegamerspub.com. Hope you all enjoy the show!



The current active websites, Onlyleggings.com, Worldofleggings.com, DressesExpress.com and VivaVuva.com will also be a part of the network with VivaVuva(R) being the high end name brand within the network. BRAVADA International expects that it's proprietary network of vertically integrated women's fashion websites will increase its organic online footprint in excess of 10 fold in 2014. All of the websites are being developed in-house by CEO Danny Alex so there are no additional costs to the company in building out its women's fashion e-commerce network beyond the cost of inventory.

Men less moral than women?

And at Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld put the models (including professed heel hater Cara Delevingne) in white sparkly sneakers, not unlike the kind we wore in fourth grade. There's a slight caveat, of course: Despite resembling shoes we've actually owned, this couture footwear isn't actually that accessible. If the styles do ever hit stores, you can bet they'll be some of the most expensive sneakers, sandals and "pool shoes" you've ever owned. But there's something heartening about seeing the top fashion designers in the world, on the most glamorous runways of the year, ignore the silent mandate to pair haute couture gowns with high heels. Perhaps they're heeding Emma Thompson's call for footwear sanity ...

Couture Designers In Paris Finally Get The Message: Women LOVE Wearing Flats

You definitely tell when you were in the middle of the Wynwood art district in Miami because there were thousands of people walking in the streets. Never mind... Adam Glassman picks for the holiday season December 16, 2013 Adam Glassman, Creative Director of O, The Oprah Magazine recently visited the new Lord & Taylor in Boca Raton to share his picks for the season with South Floridians. I spent almost an hour with him talking about all things... Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show November 14, 2013 Meet up with South Florida Beauty Bloggers at the Nordstrom in the Aventura Mall this Saturday, November 16 starting at 7 a.m. going until 8:00 p.m. Local Beauty bloggers that will be in attendance are: Dawn...

Two young women drive antiabortion movement?s revival

She met her husband, who is a high school teacher, there and describes an upbringing in which her entire social life was in church. She was drawn into the antiabortion movement after volunteering one summer at Aim Pregnancy Help Center in Steubenville, Ohio, where she counseled women not to have abortions. It was an awkward assignment for a 15-year-old who knew little about sex, but Hawkins took to the work. Groups that support abortion rights have opposed such centers, saying they intimidate women and provide misinformation to those seeking abortions. Crisis pregnancy centers use deceptive tactics and withhold information to keep people from accessing the reproductive health-care services they need, said Mari Schimmer, program director for Choice USA. Medical care and advice should be provided by trained health-care professionals, not religiously motivated activists. Hawkins continued her antiabortion work at Bethany College, a small liberal arts school where she majored in political science.

Fort Lauderdale Women's Fashion Examiner

In fact, questioning the masculinity of a man is a bigger insult than branding him a liar or a cheat." However, he adds that since the study has focused on American men, it is not an entirely convincing conclusion. Women aren't far behind Consultant psychiatrist Dr Milan Balakrishnan doesn't think there is a gender difference as far as morality is concerned. "Men and women can be equally moral or immoral depending upon the situations that they are put atasan dan bawahan online in. Morality is determined by the values that you have inculcated and which you decide to stick to in a difficult and testing situation. It is similar for all human beings irrespective of gender," he reasons out. Nowadays with the changing social fabric, both men and women are faced with similar moral dilemmas which makes them equally susceptible to immorality.



Twitter - @ReedKrakoff Tuesday, January 21 2014 9:33 PM EST2014-01-22 02:33:34 GMT Gimme Shelter Vanessa Hudgens has come a long way since high school musical but she's almost unrecognizable in her new movie "Gimme Shelter." Queen of the silver screen Shireen Sandoval's here with the deets. Vanessa Hudgens has come a long way since high school musical but she's almost unrecognizable in her new movie "Gimme Shelter." Queen of the silver screen Shireen Sandoval's here with the deets. Updated: Monday, January 20 2014 9:24 PM EST2014-01-21 02:24:07 GMT Ever since the creation of Instagram, pets, selfies and food have never been the same. If you're one of those who love to take pictures of everything, listen up you don't have to be a professional to be part of a real art gallery. You do have to have Instagram.

Super Bowl 2014: Watch as Mike Francesa goes through bag of big game swag

If the mat is really heavily soiled, allow it to soak for longerthe wash water will turn a frightening and oddly satisfying color as the mat's buildup leeches out. Once you're satisfied with the mat's cleanliness, drain the wash water, refill the tub with clean water and press down on the mat while submerged to release any soap it's absorbed. You may need to repeat this process two or three times to get the mat fully rinsed; this is another reason why you'll only want to use a small amount of detergent when washing the mat.

Turn A HandBag Into The Ultimate Stylish Diaper Bag

WFAN's Mike Francesa got one of those bags in his possession and gave a preview to listeners to tell them what they get. Luckily, the show is still simulcast to get a full look at the items, along with tas chanel Francesa's reaction to them. Highlights included his struggles with earmuffs (Mike, we think they go around the back of your head, not on top) and his comments on Fox's sitcom "New Girl" ("A show on Fox I wouldn't watch if it paid me, but somebody's going to watch it, okay."). Click on the video above to see Francesa's on-air breakdown of the swag bag.

Maybe Clean Your Gym Bag and Yoga Mat Every Now and Again?

It was a cute brown and pink bag, but it was huge and screamed, Diaper bag! I held out as long as I could (about 2 months) and then my husband bought me a beautiful and practical Coach bag to use instead. I loved this bag and it was large enough to fit all the essentials, but with a new baby comes a new bag.



Since 2007, TOMS has asked its supporters to go just one day each year without shoes to give them a sense of the struggles so many people face. Walking five miles anywhere is hard for most everyone. Walking five miles when you're sick is unimaginable, Amanda Schwartz, who works with Partners in Health - an organization that has teamed up with TOMS - wrote in a blog for HuffPost. Walking five miles when you're sick and when you are a kid is terrifying.

Best Children?s Shoe Store

By contrast, Nikki Grimes's ''Shoe Magic,'' a book sepatu anak dan bayi murah online of 16 shoe poems illustrated by Terry Widener, is firmly rooted in the ''try walking a mile in someone else's shoes'' tradition. Where the Lodges make up imaginary shoes, Grimes lets real shoes fuel her characters' imaginations: The shoe rack Depends on The steps you take. Clarice dreams of being a running back in cleats and fuchsia socks who leaves everyone else in the dust. Devin and Dina are too young to go hiking, but they dream of being professional hikers when they grow up, if indeed there is such a thing. Talisha's toe shoes will take her to ''The Nutcracker'' one day, and Kyle will wear ''cushions of white'' to be a nurse, just like his dad.

Grizzlies providing shoes for kids

Its kind of the equivalent of giving your children the best foundation they can have, says Aimee Lehrman, a D.C. mother of three who visited the store when she was growing up in Potomac. Now she brings her own kids, and Im willing to wait. Owner Marina Fradlin bought Shoe Train in 2011 from Ed Jurgrau, the founder who, at 72, still serves customers four days a week. All of the stores employees are known for the extra attention paid to special-needs children.

Children's Books; The Shoe Must Go On

The foundation, along with team mascot Grizz and the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club, will be handing out the shoes to kids from the Refugee Empowerment Program, the Leadership Empowerment Center and Binghamton Christian Academy this afternoon from 3:30-5:30 p.m. at the FedExForum Grand Lobby. The event will benefit Samaritans Feet, an international ministry focused on bringing a life-changing message of hope to youth and children through sports and recreation.


Baby And Kid Deals At Target [1/19]

Apparently This Matters: Fine dining isn't for kids

[Continue Reading] You just ... 2014 Cox Media Group . By using this website, you accept the terms of our Visitor Agreement and Privacy Policy , and understand your options regarding Ad Choices . Sign in with your existing account {* loginWidget *} Sign in with your email {* #userInformationForm *} {* traditionalSignIn_emailAddress *} {* traditionalSignIn_password *} Welcome back.

Chef Grant Achatz: "I could hear it crying in the kitchen." It seems that the couple's baby-sitter had canceled at the last moment, but they decided to go out for dinner anyway because, apparently, the family dog isn't a suitable or legal fill-in. "OK, Snickers. You're in charge." Not surprisingly, Achatz's tweet started a much larger conversation online where the general consensus was: Screw your kids. Now, before we go any deeper into this debate, let me first disclose that I don't have any children of my own ...

Kids II® Donates Little Taggies Blankets to Baby Buggy®

Courtesy Klever Kids Klever Kids Love stylish kiddie duds? Then youll love the offerings from this chic childrens brand. And right now, theyre offering 40 percent off when you enter code: PMB at checkout. Courtesy Rue La La Little Rue for Rue La La Next week, this exclusive online sales site is offering great sales on covetable kiddie goods including Little Pim (2/24), Absorba (2/25), Columbia Kids (2/26) and Kidkraft (2/27). Not a member of Rue La La?

Fab Sale Roundup: GILT Baby & Kids, Zulily and More!

The donation is evidence of the commitment of Kids II to making a difference in the lives of children and their families. Baby Buggy, a charity started in 2001 by perlengkapan anak dan bayi Jessica Seinfeld, works with a network of more than 50 community-based organizations to distribute new and gently used essentials for children in need. "We are so grateful to Kids II for their generous donation of Little Taggies,a said Baby Buggy's Executive Director Katherine Snider. aThese blankets will bring so much comfort and happiness to families in need." Since its inception in 2001, Baby Buggy has donated over 6.4 million items to families in need, including clothing, products and services. The non-profitas mission is to improve the safety, health and well-being of children.



The actress and her sister Ashley Riley have teamed up to create Rileyland Fashions, a boutique website which allows customers to purchase their plus-size outfits. Riley took to Facebook.com on Monday (20Jan14) to announce the new venture with her sibling, writing, "My sister and I are clothes fanatics and since so many of my curvier fans always express that they like my clothes, I thought why not clean out my closet and fill up all of yours. "The clothes are affordable and most are never worn! There will be an official website coming soon with more than one of a kind situs belanja barang keren clothing and more sizes for you plus size cuties!" Fans stormed the website on Monday after the announcement and stock sold out within hours. The siblings are currently working on adding more items to the store.

What You Need to Know to Shop Safely, Online or Offline

"When we're talking about data breaches, usually the customer did nothing wrong," said Bogdan Botezatu, senior e-threat analyst at Bitdefender, an anti-malware company based in Bucharest, Romania. "These kind of issues happen, and will continue to happen, regardless of what kind of security you're adding to your network." So what can consumers do to protect themselves from cybercrime, whether shopping online or in a store? Here are a few things you should know to shop in the safest way possible. Credit cards Most credit and debit cards issued in the United States store data on a magnetic stripe on the back. Criminals have long had "skimmers" that can copy the "track data" from the magstripe, reprint it onto a new magstripe, and create a "clone" of the original card.

Online holiday shopping stays strong while stores lag

This holiday season is six days shorter than last year , leaving consumers less time to complete gift purchases. Promotions continue to come thick and fast, which also may have helped prop up sales, he added. Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, launched a new series of online sales this Monday, calling the event "Gold Monday." Amazon unveiled an interest-free installment plan that lets shoppers buy one of its Kindle Fire HDX tablets over nine months.



More sales and specials at Target this week include: Womens Mossimo Supply Co. and Merona long sleeve tees $8 Womens Mossimo Supply Co. Henleys or thermal tops $12 aksesoris keren Mens C9 short sleeve or sleeveless Tech tees or mesh shorts $8 Mens C9 2-pack boxer briefs or 6-pack socks $12 Mens C9 ventilating tees $12 Mens C9 Sport fleece hoodies or pants $20 Mens C9 fleece full-zip hoodie pullovers or pants $16 Mens C9 Active v-neck or crew-neck tees $4 Boys licensed fleece hoodies, Shaun White hoodies and Cherokee hoodies or pants $10.39-$19.99 Boys C9 by Champion Tech fleece hoodies $15.99 Boys Circo fleece crew sweatshirts or pants $5 Girls C9 Tech fleece hoodies $15.99 Girls Circo fleece separates $10.39-$13.59 Girls Circo yoga pants $6 Boys or girls C9 microfleece -zip pullovers $10 To save an extra 5% every day, use Target's REDcard . There are also member benefits and rewards. If you choose to shop online, shipping is always free with your REDcard.

Local business woman empowering women through cleansing accessories!

FINCA offers loans at low interest rates to women living in challenged economies, therefore assisting those women wanting to help themselves and make a better life for their families. This is more than just a simple hand-out! Let FINCA's Ambassador of Hope, Natalie Portman , explain how via video (on the left) The loans are used as capital to start or expand a business for these women, after one year the original loan with interest is returned to Eve Echo... the lending cycle then continues...

Salami earrings, bacon hairbands and pizza necklaces: Japanese store designs bizarre range of food-themed women's accessories

Somewhere in Japan a salad Nicoise is missing a couple of black olives Also available online are sushi, green pepper and hamburger earrings, bacon hair clips, French fries hairbands as well as a number of items not designed to be worn, such as plastic bowls of noodles and ice cream keyrings. Also available online are sushi, green pepper and hamburger earrings, bacon hair clips and a French fries headband On the Hatanaka website, the fake food designers say: 'Hatanaka produces industrial arts food's model' or fake food in a self-supporting factory in Tokorozawa, Saitama. 'We make a fake food which appeals to sight for a taste by using our expert technology of the craftsman.' [sic] Ribbons, butterflies and pretty little stars are so passe, this year all the coolest little girls will be wearing hairbands decorated with cured meats, according to the Hatanaka fake food website The bacon and scrambled eggs hairband, left, is part of the kooky accessories range that also includes a 16 carbonara ring, complete with perfect egg yolk A pizza necklace collar is perfect for the imaginative Italophile in your life, and costs around 75 The Hatanaka accessories range includes a fake strawberry hair bobble, left, and a sausage necklace, right



I have this chess board that I bought years ago at a garage sale. Then one day I was shopping at a flea market where I found a bucket full of different odds and ends of Salt and Pepper shakers. So I thought to myself - wouldn't these be great chess pieces for my chess board. I am going to show you how you can create your own game that is not only functional for you to use - but looks great to your guests when they come visit you. So remember when you are doing it with salt - sometimes salt will discolor over time.

Focus on Accessories and E-Commerce Channel Can Pay jual hadiah online Off For Ralph Lauren

The trend for RL's international revenues has generally been positive over the last 10 years. International revenues have gained about 13% of share in the company's consolidated revenue mix. It is clear that the company is focused on grabbing market share in high-potential emerging markets, such as Greater China and Central and Eastern Europe, by targeting each market with the optimal mix of retail, wholesale and licensed distribution.

Home Decorating

You can buy their fake flowers for a few dollars as well, if you do not like real ones. I already had the flowers in my yard, so I just got a few of them and put them inside the little vase along with the pebbles. Simple and elegant! I also bought a pack of candles to put into the smaller pieces.

Home decor on a budget

These architectural details can create a wow factor with well-placed splashes of color. 10 tips for making a small bathroom feel larger Is your tiny bathroom cramping your functionality and style, leaving you longing for the enormous bathrooms gracing the pages of design magazines? Even if your bathroom is a fraction of the size, all it takes is some design savvy to make the most of the space you have.



Teachers to declare fancy gifts

Each account will expire and Fancy refund the cash if it doesnt receive enough contributions after seven days. This home fancy is the latest move from the star-studded site (Prabal Gurung, Kanye West and Marc Jacobs are friends) to separate itself from competitor Pinterest, which claims more users but has yet to figure out how to capitalize on its photos of French fries and home crafts. Fancy founder Einhorn, 31, is supremely motivated to do so. He implemented a revenue-sharing model in July. Youve got to continue to innovate so that you can still delight the consumer, Einhorn said at the time . But then youve got to continue to hammer away at creating a viable marketplace. The gift function is another way to compel non-members to join the site; its expected to constitute a large portion of sales once fully engaged, a spokesperson said. The seven-day expiration period is meant to keep things moving on the site.

FREE NEWS UPDATES 24/7...FOLLOW THE SCOTTISH EXPRESS ON TWITTER One private school has already ordered its staff to declare, or decline, presents of a material value. Edinburgh Academy, which boasts Robert Louis Stevenson among its former pupils, has written to staff and parents, informing them of strict new restrictions on the acceptance of gifts, gratuities, venue tickets, hospitality, use of facilities or any other benefit for which the open market price is not paid. Being offered gifts of significant monetary value can place teachers in an uncomfortable position A spokesman for the EIS teaching union The 11,000-a-year schools guidelines make it clear that disciplinary action may be taken against any staff member who accepts anything from a parent which could be construed as an attempt to influence the progression of their child. They state: Where the item is of a material value, ie above 40, the gift should be declared.

Bollywood stars and their fancy gifts

Salman gifted a painting to Ranbir on the sets of his TV show 10 Ka Dum. It was a painting of Ranbirs grandfather, the legendary actor-filmmaker Raj Kapoor. Taken by surprise, Ranbir was visibly overwhelmed with emotion . Salman gifted his Bodyguard co-star Raj Babbar a Merc! It was a belated birthday gift for the star politician after the shoot of Bodyguard wrapped up Sanjay Dutt Thrilled with one of the action sequences for Zanjeer, Dutt took off his wristwatch and gifted it to the action director Javed Ejaaz.

Fancy As F#$&: Luxe Gifts For The Swanky Broads In Your Life

I have degrees in Fanciness and Being An Idiot. As you may already know, I'm a big fan of all things "fancy." And I don't think there's a time of year fancier than the holidays. For one thing, there is glitter everywhere. Plus, all of the department stores look extra-shiny and everything smells extra-nice because they want you to buy extra-luxurious gifts that depend on your need to make sure everyone you are buying gifts for doesn't hate you come December 26th.



As soon as the images went live, her Instagram was flooded with a variety of responses ranging from support to full-on disgust. In terms of her ensemble, Rihanna abided by the mosques dress coderules not to mention was more coverd-up then weve seen her ever but to many it seemed as if she was more concerned with making a fashion statement than paying her respects. In line with those offended by Rihannas shoot, the Centre asked Rihanna to leave and subsequently released the following statement: The Centre strives to ensure that visitors enter the mosque in a decent fashion, and refrain from behaving in any way that is inconsistent with the sanctity of this religious place. In the event of behaviour that violates the moral codes of access to the mosque, or other visit regulations such as taking inappropriate pictures, posing in ways that are improper in the context of sacred place, talking loudly, or eating the violators are directed in a polite manner that reflects the civilisational and tolerant attributes of Islam. Usually, the visitors are appreciative of that. We love BadGalRiRi, and do find the photographs to be beautiful, but at the end of the day, we think she should have chosen her set more wisely.

A Letter: Hijab Is The Modest Muslim Clothing Style

There is no in-between." Like Ahmad, Woro Hapsari sees benefits both in hijab fashion and Muslim women flexing their marketing muscle. Moreover, Hapsari, who works for Nokia Siemens Networks in Indonesia, said she doesn't necessarily feel like she has to live up to the image set by models: Yes it affects me, but not as much now since I wear a hijab. You can say that now those models influence me to look healthy and to dress nicely but still in modesty. As the whirlwind of fashion marketing grows, however, so does a new pressure to conform. I often struggle to find that balance in my work attire when I compare my look to what I see on TV, print ads, and in the stores, Ahmad said. Being pretty and thinner than I am are always on my mind. Whether I want to admit or not, I take cues from what I see in the media as what I should look like and then find myself buying accessories to look like what I see in the media. In particular, Muslim women say the use of tall caucasian models to market fashionable hijab is misleading: the products look amazing on the clothes horses, and less so on average women.

Modernizing Modesty: the Hijab and Body Image

My question is, is it appropriate to compliment the wearer on the beauty of the item or would it be considered an insult? -- Another Dumb Norwegian I happen to be an expert in hijab etiquette, but I turned to a friend, Rashed Ferdous of Rochester, for these suggestions: "Traditionally, hijab is the head covering that Muslim women wear," Rashed says. "More generally, hijab is the modest Muslim clothing style. However, hijab is not only worn by Muslim women, and neither is it something new that Islam introduced. The concept of hijab or modest dress goes back to many earlier prophets of Judaism and Christianity. We often http://www.shopious.com/Wanita/Muslim/ see the image of Mary on churches wearing a similar headscarf." The hijab is "to give women the respect they deserve.



8 reveal of his new collection. James Keivom/New York Daily News A model walks the runway at the Alexander Wang show at The Cunard Building during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2013 Collections on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013 in Manhattan. Industry observers say hes the only designer with exception of Marc Jacobs with enough star power to force top fashion editors to schlep across the bridge for a show.

BRAVADA International Rolling Out a Vertically Integrated Multi Website E-commerce Fashion Network

WomensTopsHabitat.com is in the design phase with a number of additional websites currently being constructed. Each website will market itself individually in its vertical and will also cross-market and cross-pollinate one another on the website. This network of vertically integrated women's fashion websites will be represented on a "parent" website which will display all of the women's fashion vertical websites on it. The parent website, which will be disclosed shortly, will market each vertical within it in addition to providing "blog like" fashion information. The current active websites, Onlyleggings.com, Worldofleggings.com, DressesExpress.com and VivaVuva.com will also be a part of the network with VivaVuva(R) being the high end name brand within the network. BRAVADA International expects that it's proprietary network of vertically integrated women's fashion websites will increase its organic online footprint in excess of 10 fold in 2014.

Fashion editor sitting on ?black-woman chair? sparks outrage

Buro 247 is run by Miroslava Duma, the girlfriend of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. The magazine has since cropped the chair out of the photograph. baju tanah abang Duma posted the offensive image to Instagram before deleting it in the face of a barrage of critical comments. Critics say the image highlights casual racism in the fashion industry. The message: white dominance and superiority, articulated in a seemingly serene yet overtly degrading way, wrote Fashion Bomb Daily editor Claire Sulmers , who says the photograph pushes the idea of black women as objects. But just as Dr.

British Fashion Coucil announces Fashion Forward winners

The winners will also show at London Fashion week J. JS Lee kicks off London fashion week at 9am in the BFC Courtyard Show Space on Friday 14th February. Nasir Mazhar at 4pm at the BFC Courtyard Show Space Sophia Webster 10.30-12.30pm on Sunday 16th February in Covent Garden. Jackie, Nasir and Sophia have come through the ranks and couldnt be more deserving of this level of recognition. Each of them has a very distinctive design aesthetic, their visions very different from one another however together they very much share the limelight that is shining on London right now, said Caroline Rush, chief executive of the BFC.