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Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) occurs when the female female pelvic organs fall from the normal position into or through the vagina. The common symptoms associated with POP are as follows:

- sensation of bulge
- difficulty with bladder or bladder function
- pain
- painful intercouse

Women with POP often undergo surgery to improve their condition. The majority of women with prolapse referred for the procedure of mesh insertion respond well to this treatment. A device known as transvaginal mesh (TVM) was created to help prevent the organs near a woman's pelvic from sliding into the vagina when the pelvic walls become weakened.

It is a medical device that is surgically stretched across the vaginal wall to help give support and structure to over-stretched or damaged vaginal walls. These tissues, if damaged can cause various forms of bladder incontinence and can also result in lower abdominal organs to slip and fall lower into the abdominal cavity, causing further medical issues. The purpose of implanting a mesh is the help prevent some of these problems, as well as helping women to live a normal life.

TVM are beneficial in offering relief to women with POP but it became popular due to product manufacturers and medical professionals believing that using mesh had higher treatment rate than other treatment options. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received a number of reports of complications associated with vaginal meshes, in a few cases of a severe nature, leading to further medical conditions. Many times, complications, such as mesh exposure, pain, sexual problems, mesh erosion and occasionally injury to nearby organs such as the bladder or bowel, are frequently reported. These have resulted to serious injuries, prompting thousands of women to take legal actions against mesh manufacturers. Visit this site to get an update on the settlement of the claims of the victims.


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