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If you're plagued by being short and desperately want to increase your height, then you may be considering height increase surgery. After all, many people mistakenly believe surgery is the only option they have to grow taller if they've already gone through puberty and have stopped having growth spurts.While it's true you won't be able to add any inches to your bones once your growth plates ossify, it is still possible to grow taller naturally through other methods.

Science has proven this and it's clear through countless testimonials that natural growth enhancement programs really do work...if you use them the way they are intended. If you're leaning toward height increase surgery over growing taller naturally, then there are some important points you should consider. You definitely want to make sure it's the right choice for you before you go through months of pain and physical therapy to add 2-4 inches to your height.

Leg lengthening surgery came about in the early 1950's in Russia and is now gaining popularity in other cultures, particularly China and other areas of Asia. People from these countries who tend to be naturally shorter than people from other areas of the world are using height increase surgery as a way to grow taller for many reasons. The main reasons include the fact that being taller generally demands greater respect and has been shown to lead to better jobs, greater pay, and many social advantages.

Leg lengthening surgery has been described as "extremely painful" and a "gruesome" operation. Reading a short description of the procedure will quickly show you why. The basics of the procedure are as follows. A doctor will start off by breaking the bones in your lower leg (tibia and fibula). Then, a "fixator" consisting of extendable rods will be attached to the broken bones. As the bones heal, they will try to fill in the gap to repair the breaks. Periodically the doctor will extend the fixator by a couple millimeters which will extend the gap in the breaks and force the bone to keep growing to keep up with the expanding gap. The end result is longer leg bones.

Once the bones are lengthened, height increase surgery will also include a period of 3-6 months of physical therapy and bone strengthening. This particular physical therapy is also extremely excruciating. A much less painful solution to height increase surgery is following a growth enhancement program that helps you grow taller naturally or to simply use heel lifts. These types of programs often focus on diet and exercises centered around stretching, strengthening your core muscles, and improving your posture.

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