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Good Mole Removers
Quick ways to get rid of moles

Previously certain people may have used most individuals like a manifestation of beauty, however in present times very little one really wants to suffer from moles on their own faces or bodies. It's very unfortunate that moles have a bad practice of turning up exactly in those places we do not want them to, for example on the sensitive skin of the face, and there isn't much that you can do to prevent them.

Other annoying aspects about moles are that they can rub against clothing and be painful and inflamed, get in the way during shaving or get caught in zippers. On the other hand the mole could be small , go unnoticed.

However the truly dangerous thing about these blemishes is the fact that a mole carries a risk of developing into cancer, a melanoma. It may be very hard to distinguish some kinds of moles from melanomas and sometimes a mole sufferer might overlook something important and dangerous convinced that it is only another mole.

Luckily for all mole sufferers there are lots of ways of removing blemishes using their bodies and faces so do not despair and lose hope. All the available methods, from simple creams that you can use yourself in the convenience of your own home, to advanced hi tech laser surgery that may sometimes be very pricey, all different methods have their benefits and weaknesses. All methods yields slightly different results so research all of them and find out which ones are most suitable for use on your needs. It doesn't really matter if you want to eliminate a blemish due to career reasons or health reasons, the greater you know the better choice you can make.

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Below are the most common methods which are used for mole removal today along with a short description of how the procedure is performed, and what risks and costs are involved.

Scalpel Excision
This is probably the most common and easiest method of removing moles. It can be used of all moles as long as they are not too big and may be removed in one single procedure. It consists of the doctor taking out the mole and base with a scalpel after numbing the area by injecting an anesthetic and cleaning the area having a antibacterial solution. After the blemish continues to be removed the resulting wound might be stitched with regular stitches, which require a return visit for removal, or just bandaged if the lower blemish is small enough. In some instances the doctor might use dissolving stitches. The mole may be sent to a lab if necessary to check on for malignancy. This procedure can be executed inside a outpatient clinic unless the mole is uncommon or located in a sensitive area or an area prone to scarring.

A shaving procedure cuts away the top layer from the mole similarly to shaving having a razor. It can be beneficial since it heals quicker and easier than the usual base excision and requires no stitches whatsoever. As in the techniques over the doctor will clean and numb the mole prior to the procedure. This process is economical. It may leave some darker skin since the base of the mole is still residing in your skin. Another use for "shaving" is to take samples for the lab since its a fast procedure.

Laser Mole Removal
This process is similar to normal scalpel excision with the exception that a laser is used to cut rather than a scalpel. The benefits of this method is it has the lowest risk of infection and scarring. Unfortunately this process is more epensive than the other methods, particularly if you have multiple moles to remove.

Home Mole Removal
There are lots of different treatments you should use at home. They range from extremely effective to noneffective. The home treatment solutions are best used on smaller moles.


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