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Jones is 6' 5", 275lbs and holds offers from OSU, Colorado, Colorado State and Kansas State. In fact, he received his Kansas State offer by phone while attending the Oregon spring game. The Ducks currently have one offensive line commitment for 2014, 4-star offensive lineman Tyrell Crosby from Henderson, Nevada. Oregon's very thin in terms of depth on the O-line. They have great players but the loss of guys like Nick Rowland and the early entry by Kyle Long has thinned out their ranks. Because of this it looks like they'll take at least 4 offensive linemen this year and ideally they'll all be high school seniors. 5-star Casey Tucker from Chandler, Arizona (Dion Jordan's hometown by the way), is Oregon's top target. The Ducks also appear to be pursuing Kaleb McGary from Tacoma, Layth Friekh from Peoria, Arizona.

"I don't know why the mayor would do something back then he would do different today," Stimpson said. "We will be there and it's his choice on whether he'll come and join us." Jones and Stimpson battled during their first debate on a number of issues including crime. Jones said the large turnout during the June 4 debate "was insightful and rewarding" and show that Mobilians have an interest in the city's future. Jones touted city's crime statistics that show a decrease in most violent crimes. "It was not about political rhetoric, but facts," Jones said. "At the end of the day, we want Mobile to know the facts ...

Harris, "Carrie Diaries" executive producer, said in a statement. "Lindsey Gort walked into the room and owned the part. Funny and sexy with a whiff of vulnerability and an amazing dash of outrageousness, Lindsey is our exciting choice to play the young Samantha Jones. @LindseyGort So happy u're playing Fearless Sam! The key 2 her is her heart. She never judges those she loves. Have a blast!

Tobermorys lifeboat, the Severn Class Elizabeth Fairlie Ramsey, launchedat 18.30after concerns arose for two men and a dog in a small speedboat which had broken down and had been seen rowing to shore. The lifeboat conducted a search of the area and nothing was found. Vessels in the area had been keeping a lookout and nothing had been seen. Conditions were favourable with good visibility and calm seas. After searching the areaStornoway Coastguard stood down the lifeboat and it returned to station where it was refuelled with that operation photographed by volunteer crew member, Dr Sam Jones and made ready for service shortly after 21.00. Also the Tobermory Lifeboats Press Officer, Sam Jones says: This was a Karissa Shannon and Sam Jones false alarm with good intent.

Wheaton resident competes at Chick Evans Junior Qualifier

3 on July 15 at the St. Andrews Course of the St. Andrews Golf & Country Club in West Chicago. He shot 53-over-par for the 18-hole tournament. Will Gunst, 15, of Elmhurst, won the event with a 1-under-par score of 70, topping the field of 86 golfers, of whom 34 qualified.



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