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Upright stationary bicycles have actually been around for a very long time, but the recumbent bicycle has seen incredible spike in popularity.
Some individuals object to this type of bike since it does not look like a traditional bike however if you put visual appeals aside and merely compare the 2 in terms of training you will be surprised in exactly what you discover.
On an upright bike the biker sits above the pedals, causing the rider to have a high center of mass producing a balance issue. The biker is forced to sit upright and lean forward which can cause sore hands, wrists and arms as an outcome of the biker continuously leaning forward. And unless the rider is standing while they are pedaling the gluteus maximus (your butt) do not get a substantial amount of work.
With the recumbent cycle, the bikers are sitting inside the bike frame, providing them a reduced center of mass making stability not a concern. The cyclist sits in a reclined position leaning back therefore eliminating tenderness of hands, wrists and arms since there is no stress. Sitting in this position also gives your glute muscles a natural workout.
If you look at the seat on the upright bike, it forces the rider to lean forward and can likewise give the biker saddle sores. Every upright bike rider experiences this eventually. Biking is also not a natural position for the human body which can trigger the rider to become fatigued in a way not related to the actual workout. Lastly, upright bikes are not optimal for riders with back and or neck issues. If you look at the seat on the upright bike, it forces the cyclist to lean forward and can also give saddle sores, and other pains in the bottom. Every upright bike biker experiences this at some time.

Recumbent bikes put the biker in a more natural seated position. This seated position more closely looks like that of a comfortable chair, providing the biker a more comfy exercise position. This comfortable seating equals less fatigue for riders and helps them in having a better exercise session. And finally, recumbent bikes are more back and neck friendly than upright bikes.

Like the recumbent bicycle, it puts the cyclist in a comfortable seated position on the exact same level as the wheels. The 3 wheels of the recumbent tricycle give the rider much higher security than a normal bike.

Recumbent trikes are great for pedaling up hills, because they can be geared very low for unforced pedaling. This allows the trike to ascend the hillside at a speed that may cause a normal bicycle to topple over, however that's not an issue with a trike. Lastly, the stability of the trike enables you to use it as a regular seat when it comes time for lunch or a break. adult tricycle
The bottom line is that it comes down to personal preference, however if you look at it in terms of training and convenience, the recumbent bike seems to be the better selection. And the recumbent trike might be an even much better choice than that.



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