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Latest Trends In Kitchen Remodeling

Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Thats good news for local firms as more and more people are considering renovations to their homes. I contacted Ted Daniels, president of Daniels Design and Remodeling in Fairfax Station, to ask him about the local home renovation market as well as his thoughts on the latest trends in kitchen remodeling. He sent these responses to my questions via e-mail. Harvard Universitys Joint Center for Housing Studies released a report recently stating that the U.S. remodeling industry appears to be pulling out of its prolonged downturn. The National Association of Home Builders also said that remodelers are optimistic and expect slow and steady market growth. Do you agree?​post/latest-trends-in-kitchen-remodeling/2013/02/1​5/d8cb7680-762d-11e2-8f84-3e4b513b1a13_blog.html

Kitchen Remodeling Costs

1 major remodeling project among U.S. homeowners surveyed, measured by past kitchen remodeling activity, future remodeling plans and renovation research. Of Houzz homeowners surveyed, 32% remodeled their kitchen in the past five years, and another 45% are planning to remodel their kitchen in the next two years. Houzz also calculates project popularity by looking at the number and type of images that homeowners are saving to their ideabooks . This data shows that the largest number of images saved are of kitchens, nearly twice the number of bedroom images saved. What kitchen features do Americans want? For most Americans, the ideal kitchen starts with better storage. In fact, the most popular kitchen photos on Houzz are pantries with the ultimate in custom shelving for every type of food and other kitchen items.​odeling-costs-59878.aspx

Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Will Make Your Home Fabulous

There area few simple things that every homeowner can do to freshen up their kitchen and save money on their remodeling budget. Kitchen Paint Color Many kitchens become neglected and abused with everyday wear and tear. A simple and easy way to update a kitchen is to paint. In many cases a nice coat of fresh paint will instantly update the room and cost next to nothing. Homeowners should choose colors in their kitchen that are welcoming. Whether homeowners choose a paint color that is lime green or a soft tan, color can do wonders for an outdated space.​a171741

The Kelnhofer Project ? Final Installment

The hardest part of the project was having people in the house all the time, but that is part of the process that cant be changed. We tried to stay out of the way in the basement or upstairs. Sue and Rich Kelnhofer both emphasized the importance of trusting your contractor and designer. Our original kitchen was dark so we thought wanted everything light cabinets, floors, counters, everything. Paulette advised us that everything too light would eventually look washed out and dated. She told us not to worry about things being too dark because she had incorporated lighting in the plan. She was totally right, Sue said. She also was able to do just the right layout of the countertop to the cooktop and all the appliances and how they look together.​37594221.html

New Hudson Kitchen Remodeling Companies Enjoy Granite Countertops Workshop at Surface Encounters

Now, appliances are hiding behind wood panels and faux veneers so they integrate better with the overall living space. New finishes, such as GE's slate and Whirlpool's Ice White, are bucking the stainless steel trend, but don't bet on stainless going away anytime soon -- it's still hot. Espresso yourself. An eye-catching extra gives a kitchen a blast of personality. Cool sinks and high-tech faucets are au courant.​remodeling-trends/

Surface Encounters carries products specifically designed for use on granite countertops to maintain their beauty for generations to come. Chuck Russo personally leads tours every day, as needed. Whether there is only one customer or a group, if the store is open, someone is available to handle a tour and help with the selecting and planning of their new granite countertops. Chuck Russo encourages the public to come and see their amazing showroom and high-tech fabricating equipment. From laser measurement to artistic vein matching and diamond saw computer controlled cutting, the process is nothing short of amazing. Surface Encounters is improving the world one surface at a time; their customers include homeowners, architects, interior designers, kitchen/bath retailers, builders, designers, mill working companies and cabinet companies. Visit to learn more.​-Kitchen-Remodeling-Companies-Enjoy-Granite-Counte​rtops-Workshop-at-Surface-Encounters.html



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