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Today we're out on an ElectroLux dishwasher with an Error O1 code and also the machine has not drained any of the water. So I'm going to show you how to diagnose the issue. To do the repair, you'll going to need a number 2 Philips screw driver or you could also have a bit that also goes to a drill, 3/8th nut driver, T-15 torx bit, T-20 torx bit, an extension, flat head screw driver and a pair of pliers.

Okay now to remove the dishwasher, you want to remove these two number 2 Philip screws from the top mounting brackets here. After you removed the two screws from the upper now you want remove the lower panel and then gain access to the lower leveling legs.

You're going to want to push them up all the way so that we can put appliance glides underneath to slide the unit out. Okay now we'll going to remove the cover here for the power, it’s a T-15 screw, make sure you shut the power off and expose your wires, and check for power. Remove your wire knots. Once you removed all of that, slide all your wires out.

Once you removed the wire knots here, there's going to be a little knot that holds the wire harness, you'll going to removed that, slide it out and push the wires through. Set it on its back.

Alright now we set the unit on its back just to gain easier access to lower part, this is where we have to do work. First you going to start by removing this number 2 Philip screws. I remove this panel to gain access to the wash motor.

Now you've removed the excess panel, you'll going to find this little sensor here. This is what trips the flood so you going to want to dry that off after you install this pump and motor because that way when you put it together the error code wont show that its flooded. If anything else is wet may we dry it out a little bit and let it air dry.

You’re going to remove this three torx bit screws here to access the motor. Okay once you removed the 3 screws, you'll want to remove this flat head screw here, loosen that clamp. Push that one back. Okay now you remove your ground wire here.

Pull these wires out of the connectors here. Disconnect that, pop your sensor out. Loosen two tabs, now slide out and I'll remove the pump from the base.

Okay remove the 4 T-15 screws located on the base here. Move the wires off the capacitor and then you remove the wash motor.

Well here's your old capacitor, you going to want to remove this because the new pump's going to come with it already attached and wired up so you want to replace it as a kit, so if you move this it’s on a 3/16 nut. Remove that and then put your new one once you assemble the motor.

Okay, you want to remove this two T-20 torx bits out here to remove the shield because you need the plug for the mounting, move that on. Pull that out and remove your mounting tabs here, these little rubber garments out of the base to put in the new motor and also remove this hose here because that’s going to have to fit on the new one.

Now notice the outlet here and here, you want to mount this on the new one the same way it came off. Get your mount here, hose back on here, notice that I put them back on the same place I pulled it off. Take your clamp down, you want to take the shield and mount that back on there. You want to install your shield back on with these 2 T-20 torx bits, tighten down and put your harness plug back in there.

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Notice it’s a key in here so you can’t put it in the wrong way, make sure its locked in tight. Re-install your little mounting graplets here on the base of the motor. If you'll notice these two here are a little closer together than these two so on the base you'll going to notice that it’s the same thing. It's how you want to mount it back to it.

Put the motor on the base here, slide those little graplets in, lock them down and take your, make sure your washer are on all of your torx bits here, these are T-15. Now with those tight, you refasten the capacitor here on the mounting panel, its a 3/16 hexed, put your 3/16 in socket, fasten that down. Now you successfully put it on the mounting bracket.

Okay now you’re going to reconnect the motor here. Take your sensor here; pop that's back in there. Once it stuck in there, run your clip, wires to the clips here. Let me take the power wire for the pump, do the same thing. Make sure all your rubber garments here mounted in there.

Connect your ground wire; push the boot back upon the heater and it will slide right in on these 3 tabs with your garments. Connect your hose back to the motor; put your hose clamp back over that.

Tighten that down with flat head screw driver. Put your clamp back up on the heater and I'll go and slide these little bushings back on those little pins.

Take your 3 T-15 torx bits and fasten the motor back down. Now the motor's in, you can put this cover back on there, just three number 2 Philip screws back in the bottom, you want to run you water line back through the little slot over here, so I hooked it up as it push it in, slide it back in, make sure your wires are poking through.

Okay now that you’ve ran your wires back through this back here, you going to install this nut back on there to fasten it down. Now you'll going to hook the power wires up, white goes to white. Check your connection, make sure it’s not loose, black go to black, you want to check your connection, green will go to your brown here, check your wire, put everything in the box here.

Put the safety cover back over it, take you T-20 torx bit and then tighten the covers, now you’ve successfully put the power back together.

Now you've installed the dish washer, you want to re level the unit back around, so screw this legs back out in each corner. Now you run water line back to the inlet valve here and just tighten the fitting down then just tighten your fitting down and tighten your nut down there until it’s completely tight.

Now you’re going to reinstall the two mounting screws number 2 Philip screws at the top here. Now you’ve reconnected the water and reconnected the power to the unit, now you want to run and test cycle and make sure you’ve successfully completed the repair. So you want to hit start, shut the door, the unit should begin to fill and run. If there is no leak, the machine should continue without an error on.


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Property Ac Fix Do Yourself
While we have actually formerly focused more on device repair works and plumbing system kinds of issues, today we're going to as an alternative look at something a little a lot more dry - drywall particularly. We're going to look at just how you could conveniently mend an opening that's been placed in your drywall.

And I would certainly state square it up and make it look comparable to you can like that. Folks upgrade their kitchen areas in various ways, such as replacing old home appliances that aren't working well with brand-new ones, or switching out old closets for brand-new ones, you'll often find that you should either do a total brand-new paint task, or at least, you'll need to do a bit of touch up paint. And the devil is in the information, as mediocre side work on a paint job could make the whole thing appearance extremely incompetent. In that stem assembly the replacements can be acquired at any sort of residence enhancement or equipment store. Now it's crucial if you're going - if you're going to change your stem assembly the initial thing you want to do is underneath your sink you desire to make certain you have actually chopped off both water materials, both your hot and chilly, since they both come into this one sink assembly. And then you'll want to once you turn those water provides off, you'll wish to turn on your faucet to drainpipe any type of pressure or any type of water out of your tap.

As soon as you do that, then you can quickly change - if I eliminate this shutoff assembly, replace it and put your faucet back together. Then after you do that you'll simply intend to inspect it and ensure everything is working. Numerous thanks so much for your interest in​n-diego. You can adhere to that link if you'd prefer to get much more information on this subject.So truly leaks are the most common illness that you have either in the stem or beneath.

Now it's crucial if you're going - if you're going to change your stem assembly the very first point you want to do is beneath your sink you desire to make certain you've cut off both water products, both your cold and warm, because they both come into this one sink assembly. And after that you'll desire to when you transform those water provides off, you'll desire to transform on your faucet to drainpipe any type of pressure or any sort of water out of your tap. And after that after you do that you'll just desire to inspect it and make sure everything is working. Just to add insult to trauma, as we were relocating the new device in, we placed an opening in the contrary wall surface too! In any type of instance, with just some basic understanding, we were able to obtain the wall surfaces back to looking excellent as new again in no time. What you intend to do is obtain some fiberglass mesh tape, which is especially created wall surface board joints, and just cut off a section of it, possibly a couple inches, 3 inches longer than the period of the hole there.

Today I'm visiting talk to you about ways to fix usual faucet issues. Now with any kind of troubles you know the most usual issues you might have with a faucet is to have some sort of a leak, and you could discover this beneath your sink area. So when you look at this, there's the feed lines from the major water line will come up from below the cupboard into that location.

As mentioned over, if you neglect these "little" locations, you're practically specific to regret it later on. It's easy to see the impact of the new, fresh paint on the wall surfaces, whether it's a brand-new tidy version of the existing color or if you've entirely altered the total sensation by greatly changing shades. If you neglect these little locations, in the long run, as soon as you have actually cleared up back in to your day to day use of the area, you're actually going to discover the careless, careless job and I nearly guarantee you'll regret not complying with these easy tips.

Getting it from the instead small utility room was fairly the duty, and we ended up screwing up one wall respectable. JuCommon Cooking area Faucet Problems and Fixes Today I'm going to talk with you regarding how you can correct usual faucet illness. Now with any troubles you understand the most usual illness you may have with a tap is to have some kind of a crack, and you may observe this underneath your sink area.

What Is A Home Renovation Mortgage
Super Basic Kitchen Fundamentals

From genuine necessity as our lives get busier, we have to come up with some good, fall-back easy remedies for our daily meals. Turn into a one-pot wonder and a single-skillet super chef, and you will be on the road to enlightenment. As soon as you get some under your belt, your household will love imaginative recipes such as our cheeseburger omlette dinner, deep dish tacos, ravioli lasagna and a whole host of similar goodness.

Something that works for us is always to have a folder of family favorites in the kitchen to ensure that swift, simple creativity isn't too far away. When you have a few effective "go to" dishes, ensure you're always properly stocked on those ingredients so you're never left hanging or being forced to make one more drive to a market.

The professional will should also know about the individuals who will be using the kitchen. The refrigerator, as well as the stove, if you have kids or grandchildren or possibly an more mature parent who lives with you. Now consider the locations surrounding each of these - the concept is to equilibrium the space required to get the job done without having placing these elements so far apart that there's a lot of squander in reaching and walking. However, if you're nevertheless not sure about some things don't worry simply because the next step is to visit a certified kitchen area specialist. But. He can help you with ideas and answer any of your concerns. And I'll describe why afterwards. You'll want to center the Rev-A-Shelf inside the kitchen cabinet just for aesthetic reasons and push it the whole method to the back because you're going to be mounting it using the supplied screws to the back of the cabinet. And, my seed grinder, I actually use quite a few occasions a week, so I'm going to put that up at the front.

I currently cut all of the plywood pieces for our task, and I'll be describing the process of putting together most of those together and creating the doors. Talking about which, prior to I get too far into this, I want to encourage you to​rdwood-flooring/ look at our following set of articles coming up soon on kitchen area design.

Now here's a hot tip You're going to want to determine the height from the second basket. Then install the baseboards and shoe moulding to the wall surfaces not the ground. And with that the floor is done. So let's just keep going. I got these grooves here in the very best and the base​uilding-a-home-entertainment-center/ panel and they need some runners in them. To cut the flooring lay the plank on its​uilding-a-home-entertainment-center/ face and cut it with a saw. As well as because of in which the electricity, in which the outlet is within this kitchen, which there's only one electric outlet and it's over on the other side of the kitchen sink. Measure the distance to the wall from the last laid row, because there's no room over there. Measure from the top edge of the board.

And look the moisture level of the sub floor to make sure it's within the manufacturer's recommendations. In case your sub flooring has met the requirements, install a moisture barrier. You have to grab your U-shaped brackets next. There must be two of them.

Position the second row so that the ends are at least 6 inches apart in every row to help strengthen the ground. Then I'll follow that up with a third coat of polyurethane around the planks simply to give them some added safety. And it needs to be some place dried out and comfortable since extreme temperatures and humidity can damage cabinets. And place those pieces into the lines.

As you go online and read about all the washing machines out in 2013, you'll see a reference for NSF or non-NSF rated machines. If you are in America or the US, NSF stands for, National Sanitation Foundation. All this company does is independently test businesses and products and provide certifications. That's what NSF does. This recognition is for compliance with guidelines for ensuring healthy and strict sanitation criteria. All this really means to the public is that they are getting a certified quality washing machine when they spend their money. You need to proceed at your own risk if you do not see the NSF certification.

What you may find appealing about the LG WT5101HV washer is it's a high-efficiency machine and will save on energy bills. For high energy efficiency, you're going to pay top dollar. This machine is priced at $1159, which is not what people really want to see. Your clothes will be just as claim using cold water as you will using hot or warm water. By avoiding warm water cycles, you can save money on heating your water. A large drum capacity in this washer will allow you to wash extra large loads, or things like comforters with no problem. People will like the fact that the LG WT5101HV does not come with an agitator, which is something many try to avoid.

Most washers come in the standard white color, but the LG WM3550H is also made with a graphite steel finish. This LG washing machine has an impressive 12 wash cycles. This makes it the perfect washer for people whose clothes are made from a wide variety of fabric and textures. Also, compared to other washing machines, this LG washer has a much bigger load capacity at 4.3 cubic feet. The LG WM3550H is a front loader washer if that's your preference. This washer also has excellent test results when it comes to energy efficiency.

The LG WM3550H is also a unique washer in that it can do hot steam cleaning.

The Speed Queen AWN311 washing machine is made for the budget-conscious. As you know, the goal you are looking for with a washing machine is to end up with clean clothes. The load capacity is at the low end of the scale, with 3.3 cubic feet being accommodated. But you have to keep in mind that many higher rated, and popular, washers have a capacity of 3.4 or 3.7 cubic feet. So I doubt you'll be unhappy with this model's capacity. The Speed Queen AWN311 is a top loading machine that is not feature rich. Beyond that fact, it is a strong, solid washing machine that will do a good job on your clothes and be easy on your budget.

Washing machines that are new in 2013 have some new technology in them and maybe new styles and designs. But it's important that you know precisely what you want in a new washing machine.

If you are ready to buy a ceiling fan, you want to be sure that you get one that is just right for your home. Ceiling fans not only help keep you cool in the warm summer months, but are also a stylish part of your home decor. Ceiling fans come in many types and styles, these days. When narrowing down your choices to find the right ceiling fan, keep in mind factors such as the size of your home, your climate, and your budget. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make it easier to find the right ceiling fan.

Getting a ceiling fan with an attached light may be something you want to consider. Combination fans and lights are an efficient use of your space and are becoming more common. If you decide to get a combination fan, you will need to determine the kind of lighting you want as well as the style of fan. This also gives you the bonus of getting two appliances in one. You can give your room a pleasing or even romantic quality if you get a fan that has up lighting. Of course, if you are already satisfied with the lighting in the room, and only want a ceiling fan for cooling purposes, then you can choose a simpler model that doesn't come with lighting. The choices of materials and finishes for your ceiling fan are numerous. The one you choose will depend on what kind of style you prefer, as well as how much you want to spend. Metals such as pewter, bronze, or gold are the typical finish options. The blades are usually made from different types of wood like oak, cherry, or pine. You should keep the overall look of the room as well as your personal taste in mind when deciding on the type of fan to get. A ceiling fan is a noticeable part of a room even if it's not being used.

You also have choices regarding the operation of your ceiling fan. Ceiling fans typically have a pull chain to turn them on or off but newer models have added other options. Newer models are available with a convenient remote control. You can operate such fans and never leave the comfort of your bed or couch. You may even be able to purchase a remote from the same company to add this feature at a later time. Consider all the features you want in your ceiling fan before making a decision. You will need to consider things like style, price, and cooling capacity. In this age of computerized devices, ceiling fans are an old fashioned appliance that still work very well to give you relief from the heat. These tips should be helpful in your search for the perfect ceiling fan.

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Choosing a ceiling fan for your home isn't as important as say choosing your next car. But choosing and installing one can actually be a complicated process. Factors such as your budget, style, and the size of your room are all things you need to consider. Your fan should not only provide good air flow for your room but you also want it to be pleasant to look at. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a ceiling fan.

The first thing that you should account for is the amount that you want to pay for a ceiling fan. There are plenty of different types and the prices vary alot. You want to get the best quality fan you can afford, but there's no reason to buy something larger or more powerful than you need. Many times people pay too much for a fan because they want to get the best one, but they soon realize that the room is too cold because they did not need a fan that was so powerful. Look around and attempt to find a fan that you can afford and that will effectively cool your room.

Try to determine the noise level before buying a ceiling fan. As a general rule, a properly installed ceiling fan of good quality shouldn't be too loud. Grinding and other loud noises indicate a problem with the motor or an installation issue. It is possible that a noisy fan is in perfect working order, however, as some fans make more noise than others. Ridged blades tend to make more noise, so to pick a quieter fan, look for one with smooth blades. Any appliance with a motor will make some sound, but you don't want a ceiling fan that is going to disturb you because it's so loud.

When you put money toward a ceiling fan, you need to make sure you are getting a merited model that is trustworthy. One technique you can use for protecting yourself is making sure to get a nice warranty or guarantee. You should read through the warranty before you select a model for your house. A limited warranty is an option with some ceiling fans. Optimal warranties cover any kind of issue you end up having to deal with. If your warranty is good, you'll be able to at least have some assurance that if you come across an issue with your ceiling fan, it will be repaired or replaced at not additional charge.

You can get many years of comfort out of a good ceiling fan. People that have never used a ceiling fan don't understand how effectively they can cool off a room. Ceiling fans offer more effective cooling and are not a tripping hazard. Buying ceiling fans for your home is a more economical way to stay cool and these tips will help you find the right one for your home.

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