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Everybody knows that when you're sick you have to go to the doctors, and typically the doctor will wind up writing you a prescription for whatever it's that's making you sick. Mainly because most individuals simply believe that the doctor is always right they are going to take the medicine with no questions asked. The problem is that men and women should really be asking questions and finding out what kind of side effects that any medication they take may have on their bodies. As you continue to read, I will be explaining why medications aren't always the best choice when you're sick.

Your body has the ability to beat just about any sickness, if it's allowed to do so and you need to make sure your body has what it needs to fight sickness. Many individuals will simply use various fruits and veggies when they are sick mainly because they have heard that a number of these are actually considered miracle foods. The fact is that these kinds of foods will provide your body with the proper nutrition and other things that help you to help your body fight off your sickness. Garlic and propolis, which is actually a resin from tree bark and leaves that bees make use of to sterilize themselves, are both considered to be an all natural antibiotic and also immune system booster.

You need to recognize that there are side effects of traditional antibiotics that the majority of folks have not really considered before taking them. You are going to realize that there are many side effects which happen rather quickly such as shortness of breath, hives, vaginal itching and white patches on your tongue I realize that these unwanted side effects aren't something that will effect everybody who needs to take antibiotics, the real question is, is it worth the risk? One more thing that the doctors do not tell you about the antibiotics that they prescribe is that they're able to wind up making you get sicker more often as the antibiotics will have a damaging effect on your immune system.

While those are just a number of the side effects from just antibiotics you'll in addition discover that there are harmful side effects in almost any medication. Quite a few drugs have even been known to cause death in some individuals and the FDA ends up recalling the drug after a certain amount of folks die. At this point there is a commercial on television for an anti-depression drug, and one of the negative effects of this medication is feelings of suicide. Although the feelings of suicide is the main side effect there are more side effects that come with this medication.

Most medications have side effects, even though we have only touched on two of these kinds of medications here. While all negative effects are different depending on the medication, you will find things like heart attacks, strokes as well as liver disease to be on the list of many medications.

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