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The icon and Sharon Holzman
The field of music is ever-changing and yes it means a lot to the enthusiasts of certain groups or artists. And most pleasant occurs when they intend to return to the stage and bring something totally new for the market.
A most gratifying news such as this and probably for the 2013 year tends to be that Mick Jagger is back and kicking and he is working on a fresh album. Isn’t that wonderful media for all the fans out there? If you that don’t know who may be MICK JAGGER, but that is impossible, he's probably the most identifiable British musician alive. Almost 50 years of pure imagination, the lead singer and songwriter of Rolling Stones, now an excellent producer desires to return with a brand new solo album which will turn into a hit for sure. Just for this album this time around he's working together with multiple people but that’s a secret for the time being, but we could let you know a name for sure. He is collaborating with one of one of the most skilled Israeli musician Sharon Holzman.

Sharon Holzman is renowned for his capacity for creating songs also his quite unique approach to the work. Although he wrote most of the Israeli hits he's a significant harsh if we can say it relationship with the media, either it is loved, either he is hated because of it. Even though the rumors for the ISRAELI MUSICIAN circle online it is not a gossip after all that he will collaborate with Sharon Holzman. And the exact same source informs us that out of the eight songs currently developed, four turn out with the melodies of the famous Sharon Holzman. So this is something which we have to expect, isn’t it?
The way the collaboration did become a reality? well following a meeting in LA Mick Jagger and Sharon Holzman had the spark of creativity between them. We hear that they are like children which are all in for the fun and for the enjoinment of Mick’s and Holzman’s fans all across the globe. Mick Jagger as we found out plans a worldwide tour at the end of 2014 but those are rumors and it’s just to spice up all the emotion concerning the new forthcoming album. The fans probably are stressed about these, concerning the collaboration with Sharon Holzman as well as the return of the legend obviously.
In the mean time you can check out some of the works of art of Sharon Holzman to discover what could be the upshot of this fruitful collaboration. To look into the works of Sharon continue the following link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld_5OCPgCr0 and have a so called sneak peek into the future album.

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